Sunday, July 31, 2011


Went to watch Harimau Malaya against Singapore match for the 2nd leg of World Cup Qualifier at Bukit Jalil stadium last Thursday night. Yup, it was 1-1 draw which means, Singapore advance to the third round by 6-4 aggregate. I was one of 85000 peoples who believe that we can make it through this time around. It was sad and disappointing that we’re now out of the game.

Outside Stadium Bukit Jalil

We were already had disadvantage even before the game - Nor Shahrul was still injured, Aidil wasn’t fit enough to lead the defense team (he did play but only to limp off midway through the first half) and Safiq had to miss this game for getting red card in the first round. Heh, I wasn’t in the right place to say anything about our players since I only watched a couple of match. But as stated by the press, we were lacking in defense – there’s no doubt about it. Though, Khairul Fahmi definitely is an outstanding goalkeeper. His appearances never disappoint me and he proved it again that night, saving those dangerous attempts, one after another. Safee Sali did well as always by scoring our only one goal.  I’ve came to love Amirul Hadi and S. Kunanlan as they keep on ‘be there’ for the team.

The game could be fun (and maybe help making the losing less bitter) if Singapore players weren’t so such pain in the…. I think both Malaysia players and fans were getting furious at Singapore players for trying to waste time. Every “injured” player was stretchered off out the field but seconds later they would jump back up and re-enter the pitch. Like what the heck? They throw their antics with every push and contact they had with Malaysia team. That was so freaking annoying. Humph! Anyway, what's done is done. Although we lost, I’m still proud of the boys. I hope they'll do well in the future~

The Tigers! Auuummmm!

Aaaannnddd…. it was my first time watching soccer match in stadium and I must say that I love and hate it, both at the same time. Watching the game live is something new to me as I can see clearly the whole field (yeah, I got the best spot in the world!). There’s a big screen for closer view on the players. What I dislike about it was that, there was no playback during the game. Since everything happened so fast, I couldn’t see/missed the details of incident, thus haltering me from making analysis whether it was a foul or not (cheh, ayat budget :P).

And the crowd! Seeing the stadium full with more than 85,000 people wearing black and yellow was simply a spectacular view. Cheering was fun, I had my voice at the top of my lung shouting ‘MALAYSIA!’ throughout the game. And every time the ball went past quarter of the field towards Singapore goal, everyone would stand up spontaneously - like a reflect action. And sat down again when nothing happen. But people on the front seat always took forever to sit back again, so people at the back will start cheering, ‘DUDUK! DUDUK! DUDUK!’ It was really funny. But my favorite memory was when we were singing our national anthem. To see whole Malaysian – Malay, Chinese, Indian - come together to support the national soccer team. It was a beautiful sight.

With the crowd before the game started. 

I want a jersey too!

Me, my sister Mieyra and Dila, and Hash. 

For those first-timer, who want to experience watching any match in stadium, let me share some handy tips/information that might help you.

  1. Wear a comfortable clothes and shoes. The atmosphere will be slightly hot so you don’t want to be drowning in your sweats. Cotton material always the best.
  2. If you buy an open seat ticket, try to enter the stadium as early as you can to get seat with the best view. If you can find exit 2N, that area got a nice view~
  3. Bring drinking water in your own container. Mineral water in plastic bottle is not allowed to bring into the stadium.
  4. Avoid bringing children under 5 years old because stadium is a REALLY crowded place. It can become extremely dangerous especially during entering the narrow gate where people were shoving and pushing.
  5. Putra LRT is the fastest way to get to Bukit Jalil but you have to endure the pushing and shoving. Traffic was pretty hectic if you opt to drive. It took us an hour just to get out of the parking lot~
Yeah, hope that helps.


  1. hamboii ina pun pegi stadium! same la dgn ajai... hehe... nmpk mcm seronok ditambah dgn pic2 yg diambil sgtlah cantik =)

  2. tak nampak ajai sebab terlampau ramai. first time tengok bola kat stadium, rase sangatlah best :P

  3. aku rasa crowded nyeeee! boleh survive tak? hehe..

  4. @ju-are: hampir lemas! next time let's go together! :D

  5. huuu...kecewa x dpt join... :( waaaaaa... aku mmg menagum gila2 sorg kt umah hr tu.. LOL

  6. @linda: takpe, next time kita pergi eh? sedih cause kalah T_T