Saturday, March 8, 2014

Girlfriends Getaway: Grand Lexis, Port Dickson

“Medical studies show that the bond between women is critical to emotional and physical health.”

Ahem! And that was why, I had a girls’ getaway with my besties last weekend! We went to somewhere closer this time, spending a night at Grand Lexis located in Port Dickson. It has been while since we had vacation together. The original plan was to find an infinity pool but it was just so hard to get a private one (and affordable too), so we agreed to settle with just a pool, kekeke.

On the way to Port Dickson

Grand Lexis Port Dickson is a resort styled sanctuary with private individuals’ pools. There have been quite lot of room type. I’m actually very happy that I wasn’t the one who need to make a choice! Well, ours was the Deluxe Suite Garden Living. It has a private swimming pool, little garden, dry kitchenette and a spacious changing room. It was tremendous! I know it's too much but I couldn't help but wishing to own a house like this!

It was less than an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, so it was more relaxing journey. This itinerary-less vacation give us plenty of leisure hours. We marinate our chickens and squids at Mia’s house, picked up Zurazura on the way to PD and arrived there around 5 pm. Of course we went straight into the pool. And then grilling, gossiping, eating, sharing perspective, eating somemoaarr~ Later that night we had a moviethon – though I raise my white flag half way through Harry Potter, hehe. Had buffet breakfast the next morning, a short walk around the hotel then another round of swimming. You know, if we had a theme song, it would be Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, the beginning part where she said, ‘wake up in the morning feels like P Diddy’ – yeah? perasan much? /get thrown bricks/

I should have taken more pics to show how lovely the resorts are but my camera is out of battery T__T

We decided to have lunch at Bangi before sending zurazura home (because Bangi is amazing place for foods. There had been so many cool restaurants I would like to try!). And that was when our journey back home turned a little adventurous. My lovely car decided to stop dead at a junction. After it refused to start, two of my friends went across the road to look for mechanic (lucky that we are near to a shop lot). Fortunately, a car with male students pulls over to help us and pushed my car straight into a workshop. A bunch of very kindhearted students T__T 

Here is the funny part. I was pretty much sure it was because of the batteries. But when the mechanic opened the hood, he asked me, ‘where is the radiator cap?’ I was like, ‘of course it’s there’ but only it didn't. It was almost impossible because when we topped up water the day before, I’m pretty sure the cap was there! Probably, it wasn't tight enough that it dropped somewhere. So the water dried up and caused the engine to overheat. The cap cost me 18 bucks and an hour waiting, hummmph! But I’m really grateful that it wasn't because anything serious. I've sent everyone home safely, phew~

Yup, that's my lovely lovely car~

Even though it was short and a little mishap near the end, I believe we were all chilled out? I mean, to feel like P. Diddy to have some quality time with your favorite peoples once in a while, it worth the time and money. I hope they were having fun too~ Let’s do this again sometimes! Infinity pool everyone? :DDD

Till the next update, be nice!