Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Girl Was Born

Just a quick update on my birthday celebration. Received a lot of warm wishes through FB and text message. Really had the urge to reply to everyone but it was too many~ so, I just wanna say thanks to everyone who remember, I really appreciate it~ I hope I’ll not forget yours!

Mum treated me to a birthday dinner at Sri Ayutthaya in Damansara Heights. I always have this silly cray cray for Thai food, so yeah. The place is nice and well decorated, totally Thai style. I love the food there, though it was quite pricey. I had Kerabu Squid, Fried Asparagus and Seafood Tom Yam. Before that we tried the appetizer called Miang Kham. It have various ingredients such as roasted coconut meat, ground roasted peanuts, slices of ginger, lime, onion and hot spicy chilies - which we had to wrap it in a leaf and topped with a sweet sauce. Aaandd.... I love the taste of it! Like I can have this forever! Okay, maybe not forever. Anyway, it was awesome and I really recommend this!

I also tried their Thab Thim Grob (dessert in coconut) but meh, it was lacking of everything that was supposed to be there. Because I often had this (there’s a Dr from Thailand at my workplace who is excellent in cooking, so we always order this desert when there was a farewell party) so for me, there was not enough sweetness in it and the chunk of the jackfruit was very little. Hmmm…. It is actually pretty easy to make, maybe I should try making it at home? We’ll see…

And here’s a few photos (too bad I didn’t bring Sam along and my BB is dead by the time the food come, so not many picture) taken by my dad (who is not very happy with his new camera, lol).

Time to learn some Thai

Happily trying the Miang Kham

With the waitress who were very friendly :DDD

With my beloved mum <3

Will be going to Sabah again tomorrow for a field trip (seriously, I’m too old for this haha). So until then, thanks for reading~ and ooh, Happy Deepavali to all my Indian friends :P

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Aydan

Okay, this is WAAAYYYYYYY long overdue. Went to visit Dina and her newborn baby, Zabi Aydan with Ju-are on the last week of raya. But I just had to post it because I decided to show the world that I am NO LONGER scare to hold a newborn baby!

Have any of you have this fear to hold newborn baby? It constantly scares me cause they seems breakable and so delicate. What if I really break them? So I just avoid holding them. But when I saw Aydan, I have the urge to try to hold him and Dina was so confident with me that she let me hold her baby. Though, I didn’t pick him up (cause I don’t know how to give his body full support) and well, it was Dina who put Aydan on my lap and gosh, the feeling is…. urm, wonderful :D 

We girls chit chat up till almost midnight while Aydan sleeping peacefully on Dina’s lap (cute gile). We listened to Dina’s labor experience and preparation, making me both nervous and excited. I wonder if I can be a good mum…. though I should focus more on finding the daddy first, heh.


Eheh, sebab takut jadi saya kena duduk :P

Ju-are ni kira dah expert, jadi dia boleh berdiri :DD

What do I do to make this fear go away? I just hope that when my time comes, this fear will be long gone~

Till the next update, bye~