Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hey How Ya Doin'?

The ‘Legging Group’ annual get-together dinner. Woot! We met at Chili's, KLCC on the Feb 15th, 2014. 
With increasingly difficulty for us to get together in the same place at the same time, we were incomplete this time around. We’re missing a VIP, future headmaster who cannot attend the gathering because he got PIBG meeting. Well, there's always another year, right?

Well nothing particularly interesting - we eat, we chat, we joke (but nothing can beat the legging joke, heheh). Take some pictures~ But most of them are shaky; thanks to Gajah (bukan nama sebenar) who apparently lost a lot of weight,  he had not enough strength to hold my camera~ 

Lately I'm in love with Quesadillas~

And there you go, my first post for 2014! /do a little dance/ I'll try to keep it alive, heh. Wish me luck~