Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Pretend We're Kids Again

Last Friday, I had a small gathering with my uni’s friends held at Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai. It was my third time eating here, be twice at One Utama branch but first time having a dinner. Have to say that there was less choice to have as many serving were already finished – the lettuce, the korean sauce. I’m not sure that was the case in other branch but it was quite disappointing for me cause I cannot have my lettuce wrap!

But despite the food, meet up with old friends never fail to make me happy. It’s been a while since I last had to laugh hysterically throughout a meal. So many inside jokes that sometimes left me clueless. It's okay to say non-sensical things (like having serious confusion over inner and legging - yes seriously!) and argue childishly at this age. My other side (the dark side?) came out only when I’m with them, lol. I swear we laughed more than catching up with each other's life. It’s a bad habit I know and luckily, we only have this kind of gathering once a year.

Right to left: Bangla (age 3), Kudud (age 6), me (age 10), Lindan (age 11),
Kakak (age 12) and Gajah (age: urm, hard to tell, high possibility a mental retarded)

And again, I forgot to bring Sam's external flash. So we got so many blurred pics. It's not practical anymore, I want a new camera~  (padahal hutang beli Sam pun belum habis bayar, hehe).

But, whatever. It was nice to see them again. Hey guys, don't ever change, okay? :DDD


  1. xde lettuce wrap!!!lain kali kita p ou ok?? :)
    i'm 11 n u're 10?? whyy????

  2. lettuce wrap tu ape?sedap ke?im 9 yo!!!