Monday, June 11, 2012

Say Hello to Nature

Salam and hello to my lovely readers,

Just want to share some photos from my weekend vacation to Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. Have you guys been there? I’ve been to their Water Park and Orang Utan Island. So this time, I went to explore the last attraction (even though I haven’t tried their Skycycle and Chairlift) – the Eco Park!

I really enjoy my visit to Orang Utan Island last time, so it's only right that I was so happy to explore the Eco Park. Much like in Orang Utan Island, we can take a closer look to different species of bird, primates, reptile and even pet animal while experiencing a jungle boardwalk. And the best part is, we can feed some of the animals ourselves! It’s like a mini zoo. So if you’re an animal lover, this is the place you don’t want to miss!

I actually had a great bonding time with my cousins. We went to watch the animal show and gosh it was amusing and the parrots were so adorable! I knew exactly what the tricks they gonna do beforehand but it still makes me giggled to watch the birds play dead. I’ve never wanted a parrot more than this in my life!

The entrance fee is RM14.00 but if you never been to Bukit Merah, you might as well buy the Water Park Combo (includes: Water Park, Eco Park, Orang Utan Island and Skycycle or Chairlift) for RM68.00. Read more about the attractions here: Bukit Merah Resort Theme Park

p/s: Do you know parrots that are kept as pet often die because of too much fat, too much stress and too little exercise? And that they can live for 40 to 100 years? How interesting to have a relationship with parrot as your pets for such a long period of time? Maybe they'll have to watch us die even?


  1. wow best! pets park adakah baru sebab aku pergi dulu dulu dulu macam tak ada je.. and the rabbits so cute...:)

    1. aku pon tak sure ape yang baru ape yang lama. since ko kata ko pergi dulu dulu dulu, so ade kemungkinan ia adalah baru, but i'm not sure, hehe. best kot kalau reunion smakl buat kat sini, sewa 4-5 bunglow, masak ramai2, buat barbeque....

  2. me like furry little rabbits!!