Friday, November 1, 2013

My Graduation Day

Last Tuesday was my convocation day. Finally. Fuh! Held in University Kebangsaan Malaysia, it was the 41st Convocation ceremony for UKM. I was scheduled in morning session of the last day. Since it was on a week day, only my parent could attend. It was raining that morning and we have to park our car quite far from the hall. The only bitter moment on that day was when I need to cross the field in my graduation robe. I ruined my shoes!! 

I didn't attend the rehearsal, so I was quite lost of what to do when I reached the assembly place. But the staffs there were very helpful so I managed to not freaking out. I was given a smart card when I went to collect graduation robe earlier. It contains my information that would be displayed on the big screen when I walked on the stage to get my scroll - which I gave to the announcer just before I went up on stage. Pretty systematic huh? I wonder if other local university have implement such system.

Anyway, graduating alone was a little awkward. I mean, during degree we all graduating together with friends from the same batch. But with master, it was a bit unlucky that me and my friends didn't get to graduate together. But it wasn't so bad. Because everyone was happy and happiness spread like a disease, you know? Hehe. So yeah, it was bearable. I shouldn't be nervous about it since it was my second time but I was! Especially when we were queuing up right beside the stage, I couldn't stop thinking of all the embarrassing incident that could happen. But it went just fine, phew! It was over before I knew it.

With my beloved mum <3

With my beloved dad <3

With my friend zurazura! Thanks for coming darling!

Finally, after four years, I managed to obtain Master in Science certificate. My journey have it’s up and down. I met quite number of excellent people, learning a whole lot of new things. I’m grateful to those people who have helped me throughout this journey. It was a great experience for me. Thank you and may Allah bless you.

p/s: FYI, I ruined not one, but two pairs of shoes. Urghhh~