Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Pretend We're Kids Again

Last Friday, I had a small gathering with my uni’s friends held at Seoul Garden, Plaza Pantai. It was my third time eating here, be twice at One Utama branch but first time having a dinner. Have to say that there was less choice to have as many serving were already finished – the lettuce, the korean sauce. I’m not sure that was the case in other branch but it was quite disappointing for me cause I cannot have my lettuce wrap!

But despite the food, meet up with old friends never fail to make me happy. It’s been a while since I last had to laugh hysterically throughout a meal. So many inside jokes that sometimes left me clueless. It's okay to say non-sensical things (like having serious confusion over inner and legging - yes seriously!) and argue childishly at this age. My other side (the dark side?) came out only when I’m with them, lol. I swear we laughed more than catching up with each other's life. It’s a bad habit I know and luckily, we only have this kind of gathering once a year.

Right to left: Bangla (age 3), Kudud (age 6), me (age 10), Lindan (age 11),
Kakak (age 12) and Gajah (age: urm, hard to tell, high possibility a mental retarded)

And again, I forgot to bring Sam's external flash. So we got so many blurred pics. It's not practical anymore, I want a new camera~  (padahal hutang beli Sam pun belum habis bayar, hehe).

But, whatever. It was nice to see them again. Hey guys, don't ever change, okay? :DDD

Sunday, May 20, 2012

In Love With Penneys

So I’ve been spotting the baroque print making it comeback into the fashion world. I didn’t follow much on trend but store like Dorothy Perkin and Zara have a few lovely pieces of baroque print in their collection. I remember my mum used to have a Versace scarf long time ago but I don’t know where it goes now. So yeah, I’m making a mental note to not simply let my mum throw away her old/out of season clothes in the future.

Dolce & Gabbana  Spring/Summer 2012

Actually, it was super hard to search for the name of the print itself. Been asking around but no one knows what it is call before I stumble upon a webpage with little description about baroque print. Baroque prints usually have design with spiraling shapes or chains (or even animal like tiger, leopard and flamingo) that mount over the majority of the clothes which decorate the basic accessories on the clothes itself. They are bold with different intensity, so yeah basically it was calling for attention once you wear it.

Dolce & Gabbana  Spring/Summer 2012

I’m not really into loud/crowded design, so I’m not sure if I want to have one. A less aggressive one with a softer color and pattern, maybe? Something like this collection from Penneys Summer 2012 Campaign. They look gorgeous!

And of course the dip dye/tie dye is everywhere. And they always came in the nicest combination of color. Making my heart goes thump thump thump! 

Or maybe I should just DIY dip-dyeing my old shirts. Heheh. We'll see how. 

And that's all about it. Bye for now~