Sunday, July 31, 2011


Went to watch Harimau Malaya against Singapore match for the 2nd leg of World Cup Qualifier at Bukit Jalil stadium last Thursday night. Yup, it was 1-1 draw which means, Singapore advance to the third round by 6-4 aggregate. I was one of 85000 peoples who believe that we can make it through this time around. It was sad and disappointing that we’re now out of the game.

Outside Stadium Bukit Jalil

We were already had disadvantage even before the game - Nor Shahrul was still injured, Aidil wasn’t fit enough to lead the defense team (he did play but only to limp off midway through the first half) and Safiq had to miss this game for getting red card in the first round. Heh, I wasn’t in the right place to say anything about our players since I only watched a couple of match. But as stated by the press, we were lacking in defense – there’s no doubt about it. Though, Khairul Fahmi definitely is an outstanding goalkeeper. His appearances never disappoint me and he proved it again that night, saving those dangerous attempts, one after another. Safee Sali did well as always by scoring our only one goal.  I’ve came to love Amirul Hadi and S. Kunanlan as they keep on ‘be there’ for the team.

The game could be fun (and maybe help making the losing less bitter) if Singapore players weren’t so such pain in the…. I think both Malaysia players and fans were getting furious at Singapore players for trying to waste time. Every “injured” player was stretchered off out the field but seconds later they would jump back up and re-enter the pitch. Like what the heck? They throw their antics with every push and contact they had with Malaysia team. That was so freaking annoying. Humph! Anyway, what's done is done. Although we lost, I’m still proud of the boys. I hope they'll do well in the future~

The Tigers! Auuummmm!

Aaaannnddd…. it was my first time watching soccer match in stadium and I must say that I love and hate it, both at the same time. Watching the game live is something new to me as I can see clearly the whole field (yeah, I got the best spot in the world!). There’s a big screen for closer view on the players. What I dislike about it was that, there was no playback during the game. Since everything happened so fast, I couldn’t see/missed the details of incident, thus haltering me from making analysis whether it was a foul or not (cheh, ayat budget :P).

And the crowd! Seeing the stadium full with more than 85,000 people wearing black and yellow was simply a spectacular view. Cheering was fun, I had my voice at the top of my lung shouting ‘MALAYSIA!’ throughout the game. And every time the ball went past quarter of the field towards Singapore goal, everyone would stand up spontaneously - like a reflect action. And sat down again when nothing happen. But people on the front seat always took forever to sit back again, so people at the back will start cheering, ‘DUDUK! DUDUK! DUDUK!’ It was really funny. But my favorite memory was when we were singing our national anthem. To see whole Malaysian – Malay, Chinese, Indian - come together to support the national soccer team. It was a beautiful sight.

With the crowd before the game started. 

I want a jersey too!

Me, my sister Mieyra and Dila, and Hash. 

For those first-timer, who want to experience watching any match in stadium, let me share some handy tips/information that might help you.

  1. Wear a comfortable clothes and shoes. The atmosphere will be slightly hot so you don’t want to be drowning in your sweats. Cotton material always the best.
  2. If you buy an open seat ticket, try to enter the stadium as early as you can to get seat with the best view. If you can find exit 2N, that area got a nice view~
  3. Bring drinking water in your own container. Mineral water in plastic bottle is not allowed to bring into the stadium.
  4. Avoid bringing children under 5 years old because stadium is a REALLY crowded place. It can become extremely dangerous especially during entering the narrow gate where people were shoving and pushing.
  5. Putra LRT is the fastest way to get to Bukit Jalil but you have to endure the pushing and shoving. Traffic was pretty hectic if you opt to drive. It took us an hour just to get out of the parking lot~
Yeah, hope that helps.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In A Place I Can Call Mine

Wow, I guessed my laziness disease has been cured! This is my 5th entry for this month (say what?)!

So salam/hello my dear readers, friends and guests. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

I had a short family trip to Pangkor Island last Saturday. It wasn’t my first time but I’m still thrilled by the word ‘island’. Like it was some kind of magical place with exotic scenery, always too beautiful. Heheh. And I always like going to the beach, either to swim or just to enjoy the warm breeze and the deep shades of blue. It gave me the feeling of peaceful and calm just by looking at it. What I love the most is the sound of the waves crashing the shore. Just how peaceful and relaxing it was - like a lullaby.

Right, back to Pangkor. When I said it was a short trip, it was REALLY short. We drove to Lumut in the morning, got on boat in the afternoon, quick lunch and swimming session in the evening and off to mainland before 5pm. Fetched my dad from bus station (he couldn’t join cause he had a sport event) and the next morning, we all went to Teluk Batik for another round of swimming. Gah, two days in a row at the beach?  Lucky the weather wasn’t so hot.

And I broke my dad’s DSLR (what??!!). And I didn’t bring Sammy along, so not many pictures to share. Now I have to save some money to pay back my dad. Wish me luck! >.<

While waiting for the boat~

And still waiting....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Expecto Patronum

Last night me and my sisters went to watch the final installment of the Harry Potter. I wasn't into these wizard movies at first but tried to watch the Potter series around last year and quickly fall in loves with it. 10 years after the first film, looking back - err, to those who really the true follower - it must be something that are worth waiting for.  

What could be more heartbreaking than to watch beautiful Hogwarts fall to pieces. My emotion was running high throughout the final battle scene. Despite all the chaotic and the restless-ness of my mind that keeps thinking, 'Will Harry die?', I just could not stop admiring the special effect that give me a full satisfaction to my visual thrill.  

And the truth been told. Just what I need for a closure – to understand why everything has to be done. Because this is the last one, it has to be emotionally touch (well, I cry a river kot mase Dobby mati T__T). So it was Snape memories of the past really got me there. The truth tugs my heartstrings a bit - maybe because I keep on doubting Snape in the past. And the last scene shows Potter, Hermione and Ron sending their daughters and sons to Hogwarts somehow brings a bittersweet feeling - to reminiscence when Potter first come to Hogwarts, the friends and the creatures that had been with him throughout the journey. It saddened me now that we're never gonna see Potter again~

Now, how I wished I was at the world premiere of the final film in the epic saga. Radcliffe, Rupert and Emma walked the red carpet for the last time as Potter, Hermione and Ron. Fans from around the world have gathered at the London’s Trafalgar Square to catch a glimpse of the stars. Though it's not my thing (to be in crowded place just to see my fave actor/actress) but it must have been awesome to dress in sorcerer’s capes, wizard robes and waving magic wands and speak nonsense.   

Last word, thank you J.K Rowling for creating such an awesome world!

And oh! I think I'm in love with Emma Watson. She's so pretty. She's rocking the short hair and her dress is so lovely. Can't wait to see her in other movie in which her name wasn't Hermoine~ :P

Picture source: and google

Monday, July 18, 2011

Rub-a-dub Dub

After been planning for a few weeks, we finally succeeded in throwing Dina a surprise Baby Shower Party!

Taking place at Dina’s own house with the help from Ajai - the hubby. The plan was pretty much like mission impossible: we bring our potluck and wait for Ajai to take Dina out, we get into their house and make quick preparation, then Ajai and Dina get back home and tadaa…. SURPRISE!!! There wasn’t a time that I wasn’t nervous!  Since her house is a condo and the fact that there was only one entrance to get in and out, the possibility of getting caught was higher. 

Kerja-kerja meng-unload barang

Me and Azza were the first to arrive and we have to park our car outside. We went in to meet Ajai by the swimming pool to get their house key. When the rest of the team in crime arrived, we all cramped in Ju-are’s car and waited for Ajai’s miscall as the sign that they already leave the house. It was pretty obvious that we’re gonna throw a party somewhere because we were all dress up in purple (let’s just pretend that my maxi is really purple, okay?) and everyone was holding foods and balloons, so the guard just happily let us in. 

Ajai come back to the house (he told Dina that he forgot to bring his money) while Dina wait in the car. By that time, we’ve just finished preparing and Ajai called Dina and asked her to come to their house (he said their kitchen was flooded) so that explained Dina’s upset expression at the door. That awkward moment when the light has been switch on and Dina was at the door but she didn’t noticed us, and we all just stayed silent because no one knew when to yell SURPRISE!!! And someone actually did and Dina was so shock and happy and touched! So yay, mission accomplished!

Dina's expression when she saw us~ So cute~

Left to right: Azza, Yatie, Dina, Azmilia, Ju-are, Aiffa and me!

The food was absolutely delicious!!! I really like Azza’s baked macaroni with cheese – if I wasn’t so shy, I would definitely have another plate of those tempting macaroni. As for myself, I brought bihun putih. Kind of freak out when my mum said she’s not gonna be around on the weekend. I barely cook and now to cook for people? I don’t know how I come to the decision to cook but lucky, with help from my sister, the bihun turn out okay.  Just okay, nothing special. So I’m really thankful to the girls for eating it without complaining, hehe.

Beautiful cupcakes~

We played some games afterward. Ju-are, the forever-games-ajk prepared two games: the ‘arrange alphabet until it make sense’ and ‘fill in the blank nursery rhyme’. Since my mum didn't sing me all these english rhyme when I was little (dulu kita nyanyi lagu air pasang dalam or bangau oh bangau je...), I thought it was difficult. It was really hard that…. that I had to cheat discuss with Yatie and Azmilia. But seriously, it was really fun! I just wanna apologized to Ju-are for not helping her with the games cause I don’t want to be the forever-games-ajk :DD Busy sket arr.... :P

Aksi tiru-meniru caught on camera :P

The game time~

My favorite corner of Dina's house~

The theme was purple and my maxi was exactly purple!

Camho moment~

Baby's presents from the aunties

The soon-to-be mum and dad <3

Actually when we were planning this, Dina was also arranging another gathering with Azmilia. So things were kind of fall into place. A surprise party will be more memorable with all this emotional element involves, right? So everyone just play along and ignored Dina on her request to have gathering. I was actually unsure of this but Azmilia said she's willing to get the blame for all those times that we have make Dina feel sad/unloved. So Dina, if you want to beat someone, you know who to find, okay? :DDDDDDDDDD 

p/s: read the other side of the story here

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Splash of Wild Life in Your Closet

Lately, I'm in love with animal print material. I feel that animal print especially leopard print is everlasting and a must-have item in your closet be it in or off season. It is odd that it easily stand out when you paired them with a plain outfit. It brings out the fun of you. You can always start out with accessories first before heading all out with a bold animal printed maxi. 

But mind you, to put on an animal print have rules. Most of all, have animal print from head to toe is a big NO-NO. People might think that you're really a python! Even if it's fun to scare people, please use other method, alright? Try to avoid wearing too much of the print in one outfit, even if you have the same tiger lines skirt to go with a tiger lines top. There was a saying, the more, the merrier. But not in this case. Keep in mind that minimalism in the key, okay? Also, DO NOT wear more than one pattern in one outfit (seriously, putting on a leopard print and a zebra handbag? You should know that they don’t get along well in life!) or you'll find your name next to Lady Gaga for craziest outfit (LOL, I'm exaggerating :P).

Christian Louboutin Daffodile Peep-toe Pumps

Juicy Couture Tote

Topshop Snakeskin Fish-tail top: I really want this >.<

Dorothy Perkins Jumpsuit
Lovely color combination: Cheetah and pink

What I have in my closet:
Nichi Zebra Tunic |  Pink Petite Couture Cheetah Scarf|
Topshop Leopard Clutch | Mng Snakeskin Purse | Vinnci Leopard Heels

Source: Google

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Missed June!


It’s been while since I last update this blog (I have a feeling that I’ll be using this sentence a lot in the future :P)  So how about sharing what I’ve done last month in one post? Anyone complaining? Nope? Yeay!

In the beginning of June, I went for another field trip to Kota Marudu (2 hours away from Kota Kinabalu) for 10 days. Again, been doing the same work routine but this time, we were lucky to get a few malaria samples. My boss was so happy that she let us have a half day off on Sunday. So we took the chance to go to the Tip of Borneo to see the sunset.

It was around 5pm when we reach the place and the sun was still way up high in the sky. We had to wait for about 1 hour before the sun set. We practically grill ourselves. And oh, this time, we have an additional team member from UK, Dr Robert Moon, who is an expert in monkey malaria.

While waiting for the sun to set...

Unfortunately, there were too many clouds,
so it's just me without the sun >.<

This time, there even a study site that couldn’t be reach by our four wheel drive, so we have to walk up and down the hill to get to them. Though it was tiring, it was a really fun and memorable one~

With Umi

My Kungfu shoes...

Also, we went to screen a Rungus village. Rungus is one of the ethnic in Sabah famous for their traditional clothes. They are pretty modern nowadays, but there was this old lady who's still wearing their traditional bangles and necklace. So we couldn’t missed the chance to take picture with her~

Dah macam celebrity makcik ni... :P

Speaking of Rungus, I had an experience wearing the traditional clothes when I was young. I was chosen to be a representative of Sabah’s ethnic in 1996 Flora Festival – had to sit on the car and waves to people like a miss world, heheh. I was just a kid and I had no idea about all this ethnicity in Sabah at that time.  So I got hyper up when I can actually met Rungus people in person after err….  15 years? Gosh, what a big number….

On the last day, we had a chance to go to the dairy farm in Kundasang on the way back to Kota Kinabalu. It was the highest land in Sabah (well, need to confirm this info :P) so the weather was cold and windy. And the scenery was great too, with beautiful meadow green grass scenery and the sound of the cow mooo-ing, I guess pretty much like in New Zealand, eh? Kekekekek…. 

The following weekend, me busy with all the experiment, processing the samples, writing my thesis, blablabla….

Fast forward to last weekend, I went to jungle tracking with Prem, Sarah, Robert and his fiancĂ© at FRIM. I’m so excited for the canopy walk but it was under construction. So we just went through the normal track and I decided that we have to find the waterfall which supposed to be at the picnic site. We have the map and  we still got lost somewhere. I dunno... one moment we were in the jungle, then suddenly we were already on the main road. I didn't have breakfast and it was past through the lunch time already and my stomach just couldn't take it anymore, so we had to abort the waterfall mission and looking for cafe instead!  

First time meeting Dr Maria~
Stop to watch monkeys eating durians~

Managed to find a small river~
The kids were trying to catch fish for lunch :P

After lunch, Robert asked us to suggest places to go. Since he already been to all the places nearby, we decided to take him and Maria to Putrajaya for the cruise. I'm really excited cause it was my first time too. But I think the fee is a bit expensive, no? 

Nampak tak muka excited tu? :P

My little sister with Sarah

And that was all I did last months apart from movie marathon on Saturday nights and my weekly window shopping. And, I've been really into internet shopping nowadays since there were so many awesome blogshops with tempting goods and I just can't control myself~