Thursday, July 21, 2011

Expecto Patronum

Last night me and my sisters went to watch the final installment of the Harry Potter. I wasn't into these wizard movies at first but tried to watch the Potter series around last year and quickly fall in loves with it. 10 years after the first film, looking back - err, to those who really the true follower - it must be something that are worth waiting for.  

What could be more heartbreaking than to watch beautiful Hogwarts fall to pieces. My emotion was running high throughout the final battle scene. Despite all the chaotic and the restless-ness of my mind that keeps thinking, 'Will Harry die?', I just could not stop admiring the special effect that give me a full satisfaction to my visual thrill.  

And the truth been told. Just what I need for a closure – to understand why everything has to be done. Because this is the last one, it has to be emotionally touch (well, I cry a river kot mase Dobby mati T__T). So it was Snape memories of the past really got me there. The truth tugs my heartstrings a bit - maybe because I keep on doubting Snape in the past. And the last scene shows Potter, Hermione and Ron sending their daughters and sons to Hogwarts somehow brings a bittersweet feeling - to reminiscence when Potter first come to Hogwarts, the friends and the creatures that had been with him throughout the journey. It saddened me now that we're never gonna see Potter again~

Now, how I wished I was at the world premiere of the final film in the epic saga. Radcliffe, Rupert and Emma walked the red carpet for the last time as Potter, Hermione and Ron. Fans from around the world have gathered at the London’s Trafalgar Square to catch a glimpse of the stars. Though it's not my thing (to be in crowded place just to see my fave actor/actress) but it must have been awesome to dress in sorcerer’s capes, wizard robes and waving magic wands and speak nonsense.   

Last word, thank you J.K Rowling for creating such an awesome world!

And oh! I think I'm in love with Emma Watson. She's so pretty. She's rocking the short hair and her dress is so lovely. Can't wait to see her in other movie in which her name wasn't Hermoine~ :P

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  1. harry potter best kan? sedih kan? aku tengok cerita ni since before matrix lagi. betapa sedih aku bila tengok last chapter ni..huhu..

  2. baju emma watson tu cantiiiik... buat wedding gown pun ok tu ina hehe

  3. @ju-are: lame giler kan? ko memang peminat setia. kalau jk rowling jumpa ko, die wajib cium dahi ko (er, ko nak ke?) sebab setia menanti cerita ni sejak berabad lamanyer~

    @dina: cantik kan? kalau pakai nude color time wedding okay ke?