Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Missed June!


It’s been while since I last update this blog (I have a feeling that I’ll be using this sentence a lot in the future :P)  So how about sharing what I’ve done last month in one post? Anyone complaining? Nope? Yeay!

In the beginning of June, I went for another field trip to Kota Marudu (2 hours away from Kota Kinabalu) for 10 days. Again, been doing the same work routine but this time, we were lucky to get a few malaria samples. My boss was so happy that she let us have a half day off on Sunday. So we took the chance to go to the Tip of Borneo to see the sunset.

It was around 5pm when we reach the place and the sun was still way up high in the sky. We had to wait for about 1 hour before the sun set. We practically grill ourselves. And oh, this time, we have an additional team member from UK, Dr Robert Moon, who is an expert in monkey malaria.

While waiting for the sun to set...

Unfortunately, there were too many clouds,
so it's just me without the sun >.<

This time, there even a study site that couldn’t be reach by our four wheel drive, so we have to walk up and down the hill to get to them. Though it was tiring, it was a really fun and memorable one~

With Umi

My Kungfu shoes...

Also, we went to screen a Rungus village. Rungus is one of the ethnic in Sabah famous for their traditional clothes. They are pretty modern nowadays, but there was this old lady who's still wearing their traditional bangles and necklace. So we couldn’t missed the chance to take picture with her~

Dah macam celebrity makcik ni... :P

Speaking of Rungus, I had an experience wearing the traditional clothes when I was young. I was chosen to be a representative of Sabah’s ethnic in 1996 Flora Festival – had to sit on the car and waves to people like a miss world, heheh. I was just a kid and I had no idea about all this ethnicity in Sabah at that time.  So I got hyper up when I can actually met Rungus people in person after err….  15 years? Gosh, what a big number….

On the last day, we had a chance to go to the dairy farm in Kundasang on the way back to Kota Kinabalu. It was the highest land in Sabah (well, need to confirm this info :P) so the weather was cold and windy. And the scenery was great too, with beautiful meadow green grass scenery and the sound of the cow mooo-ing, I guess pretty much like in New Zealand, eh? Kekekekek…. 

The following weekend, me busy with all the experiment, processing the samples, writing my thesis, blablabla….

Fast forward to last weekend, I went to jungle tracking with Prem, Sarah, Robert and his fiancé at FRIM. I’m so excited for the canopy walk but it was under construction. So we just went through the normal track and I decided that we have to find the waterfall which supposed to be at the picnic site. We have the map and  we still got lost somewhere. I dunno... one moment we were in the jungle, then suddenly we were already on the main road. I didn't have breakfast and it was past through the lunch time already and my stomach just couldn't take it anymore, so we had to abort the waterfall mission and looking for cafe instead!  

First time meeting Dr Maria~
Stop to watch monkeys eating durians~

Managed to find a small river~
The kids were trying to catch fish for lunch :P

After lunch, Robert asked us to suggest places to go. Since he already been to all the places nearby, we decided to take him and Maria to Putrajaya for the cruise. I'm really excited cause it was my first time too. But I think the fee is a bit expensive, no? 

Nampak tak muka excited tu? :P

My little sister with Sarah

And that was all I did last months apart from movie marathon on Saturday nights and my weekly window shopping. And, I've been really into internet shopping nowadays since there were so many awesome blogshops with tempting goods and I just can't control myself~


  1. seronoknye pergi fieldtrip. it reminds me of my time during my undergrad. excited nak tunggu pergi jalan-jalan naik bas ukm. :)

    anyway, have fun and sila update selalu...


  2. @ju-are: undergrad memang sangat seronok~ pergi camping sana sini, tak ingat dunia~ ye... saya cuba update selalu~ walaupun awak je yang bace blog saya~

  3. mcik ni...msk utan pn b'gaya aje...

  4. @linda: heheheh, masuk hutan pakai skinny jeans teramatlah tidak selesa. aku kene gi shopping track suit, huhuhu...