Monday, July 18, 2011

Rub-a-dub Dub

After been planning for a few weeks, we finally succeeded in throwing Dina a surprise Baby Shower Party!

Taking place at Dina’s own house with the help from Ajai - the hubby. The plan was pretty much like mission impossible: we bring our potluck and wait for Ajai to take Dina out, we get into their house and make quick preparation, then Ajai and Dina get back home and tadaa…. SURPRISE!!! There wasn’t a time that I wasn’t nervous!  Since her house is a condo and the fact that there was only one entrance to get in and out, the possibility of getting caught was higher. 

Kerja-kerja meng-unload barang

Me and Azza were the first to arrive and we have to park our car outside. We went in to meet Ajai by the swimming pool to get their house key. When the rest of the team in crime arrived, we all cramped in Ju-are’s car and waited for Ajai’s miscall as the sign that they already leave the house. It was pretty obvious that we’re gonna throw a party somewhere because we were all dress up in purple (let’s just pretend that my maxi is really purple, okay?) and everyone was holding foods and balloons, so the guard just happily let us in. 

Ajai come back to the house (he told Dina that he forgot to bring his money) while Dina wait in the car. By that time, we’ve just finished preparing and Ajai called Dina and asked her to come to their house (he said their kitchen was flooded) so that explained Dina’s upset expression at the door. That awkward moment when the light has been switch on and Dina was at the door but she didn’t noticed us, and we all just stayed silent because no one knew when to yell SURPRISE!!! And someone actually did and Dina was so shock and happy and touched! So yay, mission accomplished!

Dina's expression when she saw us~ So cute~

Left to right: Azza, Yatie, Dina, Azmilia, Ju-are, Aiffa and me!

The food was absolutely delicious!!! I really like Azza’s baked macaroni with cheese – if I wasn’t so shy, I would definitely have another plate of those tempting macaroni. As for myself, I brought bihun putih. Kind of freak out when my mum said she’s not gonna be around on the weekend. I barely cook and now to cook for people? I don’t know how I come to the decision to cook but lucky, with help from my sister, the bihun turn out okay.  Just okay, nothing special. So I’m really thankful to the girls for eating it without complaining, hehe.

Beautiful cupcakes~

We played some games afterward. Ju-are, the forever-games-ajk prepared two games: the ‘arrange alphabet until it make sense’ and ‘fill in the blank nursery rhyme’. Since my mum didn't sing me all these english rhyme when I was little (dulu kita nyanyi lagu air pasang dalam or bangau oh bangau je...), I thought it was difficult. It was really hard that…. that I had to cheat discuss with Yatie and Azmilia. But seriously, it was really fun! I just wanna apologized to Ju-are for not helping her with the games cause I don’t want to be the forever-games-ajk :DD Busy sket arr.... :P

Aksi tiru-meniru caught on camera :P

The game time~

My favorite corner of Dina's house~

The theme was purple and my maxi was exactly purple!

Camho moment~

Baby's presents from the aunties

The soon-to-be mum and dad <3

Actually when we were planning this, Dina was also arranging another gathering with Azmilia. So things were kind of fall into place. A surprise party will be more memorable with all this emotional element involves, right? So everyone just play along and ignored Dina on her request to have gathering. I was actually unsure of this but Azmilia said she's willing to get the blame for all those times that we have make Dina feel sad/unloved. So Dina, if you want to beat someone, you know who to find, okay? :DDDDDDDDDD 

p/s: read the other side of the story here


  1. dear ina

    1. bihun kau sangat sedap okeh! lulus untuk menjadi isteri orang nih. :)
    2. aku sokong kau ape ko punye baju ade shades of purple sikit. kekekke...
    3. takpe, it was a very easy prep for the games. yelah, aku rasa aku akan jadi all time game ajk. kena padam dari ingatan orang ni..

    nice nice nice pictures!
    hope to have another shower after this so that we can 'gather' again like this. it was fun.. :)

  2. Inaku, thanks sbb datang wearing purple!!! yes, mari kita ramai2 setuju cakap Ina pakai purple, kesian dia hehe...
    Yes, bihun adalah sedap dimakan ditambah pula dgn sambal... kow kow...

    Lepas ni kita buat baby shower utk next candidate insyaAllah, bridal shower pun bole... =)

    and gambar2 sungguh cantik!!! nak pinjam a few letak kat In My Shuz boleh takk??? heee....

    Love love!!!

  3. @ju-are: betul ke sedap? kalau begitu kate kau, besok gak aku kahwin, hehe. maxi aku purple kan... ko sorang je yang tak color blind hari tu ju-are. seronok kan kumpul2 macam ni. next is buka puasa ramai2... pastu raya ramai2.... seronok bukan?

    @dina: of course darling, you can use any picture from here or from fb. tak kisah pun, aku pun curik gambar aiffa satu... heheh. happy cause you're happy. semoga Allah permudahkan segala urusan ko and baby~ doa banyak2, jaga diri and don't worry too much kay... love ya~

  4. oh yaaa...i forgot..bukak puasa and raya...kena buat satu gathering lagi lepas ni for raya or puasa...can't wait! :)