Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Splash of Wild Life in Your Closet

Lately, I'm in love with animal print material. I feel that animal print especially leopard print is everlasting and a must-have item in your closet be it in or off season. It is odd that it easily stand out when you paired them with a plain outfit. It brings out the fun of you. You can always start out with accessories first before heading all out with a bold animal printed maxi. 

But mind you, to put on an animal print have rules. Most of all, have animal print from head to toe is a big NO-NO. People might think that you're really a python! Even if it's fun to scare people, please use other method, alright? Try to avoid wearing too much of the print in one outfit, even if you have the same tiger lines skirt to go with a tiger lines top. There was a saying, the more, the merrier. But not in this case. Keep in mind that minimalism in the key, okay? Also, DO NOT wear more than one pattern in one outfit (seriously, putting on a leopard print and a zebra handbag? You should know that they don’t get along well in life!) or you'll find your name next to Lady Gaga for craziest outfit (LOL, I'm exaggerating :P).

Christian Louboutin Daffodile Peep-toe Pumps

Juicy Couture Tote

Topshop Snakeskin Fish-tail top: I really want this >.<

Dorothy Perkins Jumpsuit
Lovely color combination: Cheetah and pink

What I have in my closet:
Nichi Zebra Tunic |  Pink Petite Couture Cheetah Scarf|
Topshop Leopard Clutch | Mng Snakeskin Purse | Vinnci Leopard Heels

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