Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In A Place I Can Call Mine

Wow, I guessed my laziness disease has been cured! This is my 5th entry for this month (say what?)!

So salam/hello my dear readers, friends and guests. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

I had a short family trip to Pangkor Island last Saturday. It wasn’t my first time but I’m still thrilled by the word ‘island’. Like it was some kind of magical place with exotic scenery, always too beautiful. Heheh. And I always like going to the beach, either to swim or just to enjoy the warm breeze and the deep shades of blue. It gave me the feeling of peaceful and calm just by looking at it. What I love the most is the sound of the waves crashing the shore. Just how peaceful and relaxing it was - like a lullaby.

Right, back to Pangkor. When I said it was a short trip, it was REALLY short. We drove to Lumut in the morning, got on boat in the afternoon, quick lunch and swimming session in the evening and off to mainland before 5pm. Fetched my dad from bus station (he couldn’t join cause he had a sport event) and the next morning, we all went to Teluk Batik for another round of swimming. Gah, two days in a row at the beach?  Lucky the weather wasn’t so hot.

And I broke my dad’s DSLR (what??!!). And I didn’t bring Sammy along, so not many pictures to share. Now I have to save some money to pay back my dad. Wish me luck! >.<

While waiting for the boat~

And still waiting....


  1. bestnye nak pergi pantai jugaak...percutian ke pd yang konon dirancang azmilia tu kena realisasikan ni.. ;P by the way, update banyak kali pun takpeeeeee...sebulan 30 kali boleh? kekekeke...

  2. @ju-are: mari kita 'kacau' azmilia tentang itu. sebulan update 30 kali memang tak mampu la yang~ hehe, will try.