Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby Aydan

Okay, this is WAAAYYYYYYY long overdue. Went to visit Dina and her newborn baby, Zabi Aydan with Ju-are on the last week of raya. But I just had to post it because I decided to show the world that I am NO LONGER scare to hold a newborn baby!

Have any of you have this fear to hold newborn baby? It constantly scares me cause they seems breakable and so delicate. What if I really break them? So I just avoid holding them. But when I saw Aydan, I have the urge to try to hold him and Dina was so confident with me that she let me hold her baby. Though, I didn’t pick him up (cause I don’t know how to give his body full support) and well, it was Dina who put Aydan on my lap and gosh, the feeling is…. urm, wonderful :D 

We girls chit chat up till almost midnight while Aydan sleeping peacefully on Dina’s lap (cute gile). We listened to Dina’s labor experience and preparation, making me both nervous and excited. I wonder if I can be a good mum…. though I should focus more on finding the daddy first, heh.


Eheh, sebab takut jadi saya kena duduk :P

Ju-are ni kira dah expert, jadi dia boleh berdiri :DD

What do I do to make this fear go away? I just hope that when my time comes, this fear will be long gone~

Till the next update, bye~


  1. lamanyaa ko tak update blog! so rindu..:)

    haha, aku tidak lah expert mane pun. sekadar di pinggiran. lepas ni ko boleh pegang baby banyak kali. dah ada pengalaman tu.. ! ;)

  2. OMG been waiting for this! sungguh anggun kelihatan 2 org aunties ni memegang aydan... comela play with aydan.. now dia x suka tido, suka main! tp jgn dtg time bedtime = 10mlm sampai subuh heheheh. btw ina... dun worry... u'll b a fantastic mom! muka tu bersinar2 cahaya keibuan =)

  3. aydan. unik nama:) one and only aydan:) well, belajar pegang baby sgt2 best! boleh peluk diorg, peluk cium2, lama2 terbiasa. nnt anak sendiri tak kekoklah kan:)