Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Those Glee-full Days

It’s no secret, I watched Glee. Been trying to avoid it for the whole first season because there's no hot guys on the show I thought it was lame. I started to watch it from the very first episode after I saw Brittany doing cover for Britney’s I’m a Slave For You. And I got totally hooked! And I just didn’t care about all those WTF-ness that happen in its plot (last week’s episode Quinn was all over Sam and the next she change her mind and want to get back to Finn?) because sometimes it’s really nonsense. I watched it for fun because the way they make it happen is really enjoyable.

This is out of nowhere but whatever... Here is my top 10 moments of season 1 and 2, in no particular order.
1.       Santana crying her heart out.

Santana is known for her bitchy attitude. For the most part of the show, Santana was in full-on bitch mode – being frank as she’s like to put it. (Santana Lopez: Just because I hate everybody, doesn't mean they have to hate me too). But when the frankness finally come back to bite her, she appear just cool but once the class is over, she’s balling her eyes out.

“I just try to be really, really honest with people when I think that they suck.”

2.       Puck trying to distract Sue.

Puck attempts to distract Sue in order to get Artie to spike the Prom’s punch. Despite the WTPuck plan (which failed miserably) that dance Puck makes when he’s trying to distract Sue is really cute. Well, at least it manages to get Sue’s attention from the punch for a moment.

3.       Sue and Will arguments

Sue is the best one-liners on the show because her scene is most likely having a really amusingly offending verbal sparring with Will. One of my fave would be when she called Will "SpongeHair SquareChin" – awesome! And her never-ending jokes on Will’s hair, ‘As a going-away present, here’s a spray bottle of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter — keep that head merkin looking buttery fresh.’ And  ‘I don't trust a man with curly hair. I can't help, but picturing birds laying sulfurous eggs in there and I find it disgusting.’ – Ouchh!

4.       When the boys wearing the wig in Hairography episode. The hair itself already got me rolling into deep on the floor.


5.       The whole 'Comeback' a.k.a Bieber Fever episode

Not because I love Bieber or his songs, but because this episode contains the most hysterical scene ever! Or maybe because it got something to do with the hair.  It started with Sam singing Bieber's Baby (seriously, his version is so much listenable) and making the girls melt. It’s really funny to watch how the boys were looking pretty lost when the girls started to enjoy Sam’s show. And because the boys of Glee are having some off-time with their girls, they decide there is only one way to win back the love and admiration of their gals, is through the Bieber Experience – Bieber Fever! So the next they, the boys (minus Finn) walk into the class with Bieber hair. But Puck just win it all!

Gotta love Sue's line while watching Sam's performance, “I gotta get that girl on my Cheerios.”
6.       Can’t Touch This

Love love love this performance so much. Artie, Tina, Kurt, Mercedes and Brittany bust some move in the library to get some bad reputation in order to be famous. Instead of being cool, I think they look ridiculously cute. And Artie rapping is so so cool!

'Can't Touch This'

7.       Will trying to seduce Sue

Gosh, I can’t even watch this because it’s embarrassing.  It’s was one of Will’s get up for revenge on Sue – that is to make Sue fall in love with him. It was the meanest thing I thought Will would never do but the scene! It was hilarious! I could never blame Sue for making Will’s life suffer after that!

8.       The Brittany ‘take it away’

Actually, if I were to be bias, my fave moment of Glee will be just  Brittany (played by Heather Morris) and nothing else. She just plain funny with her stupid one liners ("dolphins are just gay sharks") and her left hand/right hand confusion. But the best moment of her would be during the Hairography episode when Will asks her to show how to spin their head. After some explaination, Will turn to Brittany.

Will: Brittany, take it away.
Brittany: *Confused* Take what away?

And then she went with her own explanation, ‘So, Hairography. It works best when you pretend like you're getting tasered. It's like cool epilepsy.’ LOL.

9.       Sue is angry

When Sue isn’t busy verbally attacking Will’s hair or chin, she will make me laugh with her epic tantrum that involves throwing everything that’s she can find – that’s includes the students. Okay, maybe watching people got angry weren’t something that we should cherish, but this is an exception. Someone should just send her to the angry management course or something.


10. And finally, my fave moment would be when the glee club is performing a fast track number with intense choreography (and yes, this means when Mike Chang or Brittany get the camera focus on just them) because I love watching people dance. The memorable scene is when they did the flash mob scene in the mall for Barbra Streisand dance – that was totally fun! 

Now, I just can't wait for the season 3. I hope they will give Puckerman to sing Robbie William's Rock DJ and my life will be complete, heheh. And get Artie out of that wheel!

Alrighty, till the next update! Take care you guys~

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