Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh Lemang, Where Are Thou?


Hello everyone! How was your raya celebration? No matter how you celebrate your raya/holiday, I hope you guys have a wonderful one. As for me, I’ve spent the first day of raya in KL, and then went back to my mum’s hometown in Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

And with all those raya foods that I’ve stuffed myself with, I’ve gained 1.5 kg (gasp!). I just couldn’t keep myself away from tart and chocolate chip cookies, humph! But, I couldn’t find lemang anywhere this year. It’s so weird. 

Anyway, let me just share a few pics from my raya days. I have to say, we have a few weird activities going on during our raya celebration, teeheehee.

Family photo is a must!

I'm always go with baju kurung for raya.
But this time I decided to try kaftan :D

A pic with national flag in conjunction of
Merdeka and Eid Fitr celebration, kekekek~

Went to my uncle's new house and he own a snooker table!

With cousins~

Wore a kaftan from Qala Qisya. Been dying to wear it
ever since I got my hands on it! :D

And went to fish some Keli (catfish) for BBQ party that night~

Dad is so happy with what he caught :P

Yup, went there with my gorgeous kaftan. I must be out of my mind!

At uncle Nuar house. Besides the yummy jelly....

... they own a studio. Cool!

I could be the next Ana Raffali, kekekek!

And this is Mieyra, the talented craziest drummer ever! 

Making of the band: Amatt (drum), Mr Dad (guitar) and Deela (lead singer).

 And that's all for now~ Sorry for the randomness.

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  1. ina... mcm kaftan raya aku!!! hehehehe i bought it from oopsie daisie kt FB hehehe