Saturday, August 6, 2011

Salam Ramadan

Peace upon you my dear reader~

Alhamdulillah, it’s the sixth day of Ramadan and I hope that everyone have had an effortlessness experience with the slight changing in your daily routine. Like every year, Ramadan brings me a special feeling of emotional excitement and spiritual passion. It’s the chance I get to bring myself closer to the Allah s.w.t by doing the obligations. This is the month to strengthening my willpower and seeking forgiveness and also the time to reflect myself…

And talking about reflecting myself, last night, I went to perform Tarawih prayer in our small community surau. So being my first time going to community surau, I smiled when I entered the woman’s area. The surau has the usual green and mustard carpet that reminds me of SMAKL’s surau! I almost cry while listening to the zikir before Isya’ prayer. Just how much I missed having to perform prayer in jema’ah like this. Back then, I used to rebel against the school law that make it a compulsory for us to pray at surau for every prayer time. Well, we won’t miss the water till it’s gone right? T__T

Anyway, it’s my first Ramadan since I started this blog. I am truly grateful to be given a chance to go through another Ramadan. I wished to increase my devotion (insyaAllah) to thank Him for all His blessing, although I know it will never be enough to thank Him for the boundless benefaction He had bestowed me with throughout my life. Thank you Allah!

Ramadan Kareem

And so I hope that you guys will have a beautiful Ramadan as well. Don’t let it waste. This might be our last Ramadan - who knows we may be there or not to experience it again next year? So let’s take this opportunity to gain from the special blessings and forgiveness throughout this month. Let's make it the best ever!

Happy fasting everyone!

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  1. oh ina, jika lihat karpet hijau kuning itu, and solat jemaah sama-sama and dengar pulak ustaz mengimamkannya for sure teringat smakl woh! dulu beria nak escape kan, sekarang rindu-rinduan..huhuhu...

    happy ramadhan mubarak to you!

    ps:bila kita nak puasa sesama nih? :P

  2. I miss the yellow green SMAKL surau carpet too! haah, seboleh2 dulu nak smayang dlm dorm.. hehe... but we were just kids back then... =) selamat menjalani ibadah Ramadhan Ina... bila2 nak buka rumah aku jemput eh...

  3. @ju are and dina: rindu kan ngan smakl. really a life experience that we can get nowhere else! anyway, selamat berpuase to both of you too~