Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Y.E.W! (Year End Wish)

They said I’m a gadget freak. Well maybe I am. After all the vow and pledge that I will never buy anything else after I got my iPod and bb, now I already craving for something else. I want a camera!

So I guessed it all started yesterday. Me and my sibs went out to KL to have a quick shopping, and on the way back to the car park, we saw this restaurant with a nice wall and thought, ‘Hey, why don’t we take pictures?’

So I took out my iPod and we took several pictures, and fast forward to the moment when I view the pictures on my laptop at home and that was when I got very disappointed. Why? Because the pics are so blur!

And I do realize that I NEED to have a camera - at least the compact one if not a DSLR (Ipod just suitable for my cam-ho moment!). I’m so into photography even though I’m not the type who will wake up at six in the morning just to catch the sun rise. I just love taking pictures and I appreciate beautiful artistic one.

So I browse the net a bit for a so-called comparing the specs -hell I must be a genius if I understand all the terms- and immediately fall in love with this Sony Cybershot since it comes in hot colour. I was quite sure that I want to have this until my colleague gave me a half an hour lecture about ‘Why I should get myself a DSLR’ that I was torn apart! And since it’s the end of the year, I’m pretty sure there’ll be an extravaganza offer for Xmas, I don’t know if I’ll end up buying both! XD I wish!


  1. @adriani: but not as gorgeous as you have always be! anyway, thank you.