Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Classy Polka Dot Skirt Baby!

Last Sunday was the most productive weekend I’ve ever had. Me and my sister Mira finally learn how to make a skirt! My mum used to sew our clothes when we were little and she made numerous pretty clothes for herself. So when I told her that I wanna learn, she was more than willing to teach.
So mum told us that we were going out for fabric shopping, so we quickly dress up and I decided to bring Sam along to the mall. And speaking of Sam, me and my sis actually did a little camho session secretly in our room despite the fact that my mum is already screaming for us to hurry up, kekekek.

I hope my sister will forgive me for putting that pictures of her because it’s so damn hillarious, I just have to laugh every time I look at it. It's kinda funny how we turned out wearing the same theme - stripes. It was obvious that she was copying me! I think it's a sibling thing, we thinks alike a lot~

And this is the fabric that I bought for my skirt. Mum paid for it (I love you mum!). The material is so soft - it feels just right the moment you touch it! And it's gonna be a classy polka dot skirt baby!

And it was also the day of Suzuki Cup final between Malaysia and Indonesia. My mum was yelling at us because we would dash from the sewing machine towards the TV every time my dad screamed, ‘Goaaaaaallllll!!!!!!!!!!!!’ and dancing like there’s no tomorrow, hehe. We really did well, didn't we? 3 goals to nil is really something they should be proud of. But let's not get arrogant just yet. Keep up the good work and beat them with 4 goals tomorrow, okay?

Anyway, my skirt is almost done. Probably I can wear it in the next update. Till then, that’s all for now~


  1. wwwwah! sudah pandai jahit lah!

    and nice nice pics.. suka suka..!


  2. love polka dots:)


  3. demyu!!those r ugly pictures of meh!!