Monday, December 13, 2010

Some Facts About Me

And it's totally random. Do we have a thing in common?

1. I'm addicted to coffee.

2. I can swim but I have fear of putting my head under water.

3. I have cats at home.

4. I listen to Korean songs most of the time.

5. I don't get along with kids too well.

6. When I want something but I couldn't have it, they'll get in my dream for days until I found another thing that I want but couldn't have it.

7. I'm a tomboy during the upper high school until I turned 18.

8. I need a Shopping for Dummies guidebook.

9. I get bored pretty easily.

10. I have love-hate relationship with books.

11. My nicknames include fishbone lover, darkchild and inabecks, lol!

12. I don't really eat fish. I only eat salted fish that are really salty, well-cooked sardines-in-can and fried anchovies.

13. I have the coolest parent on earth!

14. I hate it when people force me to decide on something!

15. I'm terrified of lizard and flying cockroach.

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