Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Wanna Call Him Bruno But...

I finally bought a Sony NEX-3 camera!

This whole week, I’ve been busy reading hands-on review for this camera. I’m in so much dilemma whether to go for NEX-5 because I was so tempted with the remote commander mode which not featured in NEX-3. But it's way over my budget, so I had to convince myself that NEX-3 pun okay jugak. Since the reason why I don’t want a dslr is because they’re so bulky and I’m afraid that I’ll be too lazy to take them around with me everywhere I go. So, I want to get the NEX with 16mm lens but they only have offer for the one with 18-55mm lens. I felt sorry for the sales boy; he had to be patient with my indecisive mind, debating myself about this (I couldn’t decide with the color too). So after about an hour at the shop, I settle down with NEX-3 with 18-55mm lens in white color. And again, convincing myself that all my handbags are all oversized, so I don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit or not. Plus, it’s not heavy at all :D

So took it back, play with it a bit to get myself used to it and I must say that I really love it. The quality of the picture is awesome. So, no more I-want-a-camera whining after this (hopefully!). Now all I need is a will to get myself up early to catch a beautiful sun rise!

Anyway, here’s a few shots that I took yesterday!

the first shot evah~

Whatdaya think? Pretty cool huh? :D

And a friend of mine recommend this photoblog by Ustaz Azhar Idrus. His work is truly amazing. I fell in love with every single of his artwork. You guys should check it out, yo!

And oh! I’m gonna called my camera Sam Winchester for now until I got him a better name. I really wanna call him Bruno though, but my cousin named his fix-gear bike Bruno. But I like Bruno, Bruno sounds cool! Or should I try with Spanish name? Like Cassilas or Torres? Spanish names sound sexy, wee~

Till then, that's all for this update!

p.s: my ipod is called Key Baby. I don’t have a name for my bb yet, maybe I should call him Jjong or something cause they always together :D Yes, I'll go with Jjong for bb~


  1. camera itu sangat kool, gambar juga cool giler cun seh!

    by the way, tadi tak mau habaq awai-awai ada kamera canggih nan cantik itu, boleh pergi taman permainan kanak-kanak camwhoringss!

    by the way, dslr memang tak best, berat!

    ps: nanti camwhore kat ikea boleh? :p

  2. @ju-are: camho kat ikea? no problem!