Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year's Intentions

Hello 2012!

So it’s been a year now since I started this blog. How has my blog affected my life so far? I’m not sure, but it keeps me motivated enough to accomplish something every week. I did trying to do something exciting or go somewhere interesting every weekend - though only a few managed to get onto this blog. I just want to share with others the things I see or feel at certain point of my life. And make connection with people with the same passion. A place where I seek for solutions and inspirations and nothing else.

I won’t call this as New Year resolution because if I put it that way, it will never work. This is my… err New Year Intention, yeah. So this year I hope that I can  want to:

1. Grad! This! I really really hope that I can finish my thesis writing soon and grad this year! Then hopefully get a better job! Amin~

2. Make more saving (read: stop shopping unnecessary thing).

3. Drink less coffee - You know how they say coffee have a good effect on your health like help reduce the chance to get cancer/Alzheimer/stroke, prevent depression and energy boast? The later is why I think I need my daily coffee. I drank coffee at least once a day before going to sleep (okay, I need some energy boaster just in case I get a nightmare, so I got some spare energy to fight whatever it was in my dream, kekekek). Normally, I had coffee in between my work, before and after lunch. Now, just how much caffeine have I consumes this past one year? I’m not saying that I’m gonna stop drinking coffee (I don’t think I’m ready for that, yet :D) but I need to reduce it a bit. Say, one cup a day?

4. Start exercise - Thin doesn’t mean that you don’t need to exercise! Exercise is very important for everyone to keep ones in a good health. I know this fact but still, I never exercise (only during a time when I get so motivated to have a flat stomach that I start do sit up for, err…. two weeks? :PPP). Okay, dancing to your favorite songs in front of the mirror doesn’t count as exercising. So many excuses I’ve created to avoid exercising: balik lambat from work lah, hari nampak cam nak hujanlah, takde kawan nak jogging sama-samalah, bla bla bla. So now that I think I should start to live a healthy life, what is more convenience for a lazy buzy girl like me than to start running on a treadmill? I actually can easily do this every day. Getting off late from work? The treadmill isn’t going anywhere! Hari nak hujan? No problem, you can still run thousand miles even if it was raining heavily outside! No one to accompany? Ei, hello, mana ada orang lari on treadmill beramai-ramai. Okay? No more excuses! Now I need a pair of good running shoes. And a good sport outfit. Looks like there is some shopping to do, hooray!

5. Cure my sinusitis - Because I keep ignoring my sinus, now I think it’s getting worst. Normal flu medicines (Clarinase, Clarityne, Loratadine) are ineffective to me. I’ve tried the smoke treatment before but it makes me suffocated. Anyone knows other great way to treat sinus? I don’t care if it is internal and external cure, as long as it work and easy for me to do the treatment by myself. Came across this article and maybe it worth a try? And there is a lot of pills/supplement like Ezibreathe.  Anyone has tried it before? Does it work?

6. Make as many posts to this blog as possible :D And from that, I hope to make new friends with the same passion and interest. And of course build beautiful memories with the existing one~

So that’s all I can think for now.  I hope this year will be a great one for me and for you too. Be good people!

p/s: those cartoons are only meant for jokes. I don't hate New Year's Resolution that much~


  1. hola!

    1) looking forward to your graduation day! saya pasti pergi untuk celebrate.. :)

    2)let's save! tapi window shopping still bolehkan?

    3)hoi! banyaknye kau minum kopi! one cup a day cukup ~ (i heard that caffein can effect your fertility ~ research. prevent from now)

    4)ehem, see number 2. hahaha!

    5)weh, cuba kau try rawatan lintah...!

    happy new year! :)

  2. i ought to have this kind of post on my blog too!

  3. @ ju-are: okay, nanti ko dtg graduation aku sila bawa bunga, kekekek. window shopping still can~ err, fertility? why i haven't heard about it? rawatan lintah?!! eeeeuwww! no way! mati balik hidup pun aku taknak buat, geliii!! :DDD

    @ mieyra: okay! looking forward for your post!