Saturday, December 31, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore

For this year family vacation, we went to visit the Universal Studio Singapore! Despite the hardship of us driving in the heavy rain for more than 4 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru, Alhamdulillah the weather in Singapore was perfectly fine for the whole day we spend in USS. The bus we took dropped us off around 11 am, took us almost 2 hours journey from our hotel in JB - including the hopping on and off the bus for both immigrations check-ins. Gosh, the place was crowded with people already since it was both school and public holiday (lesson learned). There were hardly any spot that was empty, so we pretty much competing for place to take picture with everyone!

The famous Universal Studio globe at the entrance.

So USS was divided into 7 parts with different theme: New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Faraway, Madagascar and Hollywood. We kicked off our journey from the New York zone first. When I say New York, I really do feel like I’m in New York. No, I feel like I’m just walk into the set of Sex In The City, kekekek. There was this famous New York Public Library where Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) claims as ‘the classic New York landmark that housed all the great love stories’. Anyway, we all got a little too excited because every corner of the replica building screams for a shot.

In front of the NY Public Library

And now to the future world – the futuristic Sci-Fi City.

And then we were brought way back to the ancient history of Egypt. 

We met Brendan Fraser - err almost! :DD 

This could be my least fave theme - the Lost World. I don't know, maybe because I’m not a fond of dinosaurs. But there was a staff there holding a baby dinosaur! Of course it's not real, but it's moving and he’s chewing the staffs' sleeve. And every time people want to pat him, he’ll turn his head (in attempt to bite?). Cute but scary. 

The baby dinosaur~

There was a mini park called The Water World where we can watch The Waterworld show - a live acting performance which involves many dangerous stunts and lots of fire and gun and explosion. It was an amazing show! The actors and actress were doing all the stunts without wearing any safety. Also, there was a sudden airplane fly into the show arena out of nowhere, unbelievable!  

The WaterWorld show arena

With there main actor/actress
- Ei, selambe je Mr Pirate tu pegang mak aku  (>.<)

From a far we can already see the giant castle. I thought we have reach Hogwart but actually we have reached the Far Far Away Castle (where Shrek and Fiona live happily ever after). Not a fond of Shrek either, so I make myself happy by imagining I’m in Merlin’s world. Now where’s that gorgeous wizard?

The awesome castle!

I wish I can live happily ever after too~

I didn’t get a chance to ride any rollercoaster ride because I was having a real bad flu (yes, out of all day, why it has to be today?  T___T) and even if I don’t have a flu, I’m still not be able to ride all the rollercoaster because there was SO many people. Each ride/attraction took minimum 45 minutes of waiting time (yes, let’s avoid school and public holiday for next vacation: P) so my sisters only manage to get on a few ride.

But I do experience the Madagascar Crate Adventure since it was only a relaxing boat journey which took us into a cave. And they have this animatronics and digital projection with evocative sound that tell us the summary of the Alex and his friend. Although I think it was more for kids, I do enjoy it. There was this part of the adventure where we have to go through a pretty heavy waterfall and I went panic because I have my camera with me and I REALLY don’t want it to get wet. So everyone was screaming (so obviously, I’m not the only one who went under panic attack, kekekek) and there was a flash of light before the pouring water stop as soon as our crate goes through under it. And I was like, ‘Ah, they got  us! And they took, our picture!’ Everyone was cheering for that prank, haha. So after the ride, we had a good laugh seeing everyone’s horror expression being display on the photo board :DDDDD

My favorite family shot!

And finally this is totally my thing. I have always wanted to experience the broadway lifestyle. Took a walk at the famous Hollywood 'Walk of Fame' and watch the stage performance by a group of boys - Daddy O's or something like that. They performed live a few rock and roll songs - which was really good! No kidding, they can sing and dance well, and know how to work the crowd. 

The boys! The one at the far right is really handsome up front :DDDD

My mum and dad who truly love the show~

Had lunch and diner at Mel's Drive In restaurant
 - one of a few restaurant that cater halal food.

We went to watch rock-n-roll musical "Monster Rock!" at Pantages Hollywood Theater. I really don’t know what to expect with this one, I thought it will be like Glee’s Rocky Horror Show and it was not too far away from that. Basically ghosts like Phantom of The Opera, Count Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein, Shewolf, The Bride, The Mummy and a Human DJ gather together to sing their favorite songs. It was an okay show for me honestly but since the audience I'm with that night was really a supportive one, so it turns out to be a very enjoyable show!

In front of  Pantage for Monster Rock Show

And before we go back, we managed to catch Steven Spielberg's Lights! Camera! Action! show. It was the only attraction in New York zone where we were brought to watch how an empty sound stage becomes the setting for a major hurricane that was about to hit New York City. A great experience I must say! (and how horrible it was to be caught in that disaster, nauzubillah)

We spend a day in USS but still miss out a lot! And I'm not satisfied with the pictures we took (seriously, the flu was really bad, it kills my mood -_- ) So I need to go there again! I need to try all the ride! I need to take picture with all characters (especially with the Puss In Boot and Madagascars' Penguins!). So yeah, I’m pretty sure there’ll be another trip to USS. Gah, I think I’m going crazy now, wanting to go there again, say, next month? Lol.

Right, I need to stop all the non-sense. See you guys on the next post!

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