Wednesday, December 14, 2011

He Will Be Loved

Last Sunday, my friend Dina invites us to attend her baby boy’s Aqiqah ceremony. I never attend one, so I was really curious of how it should be done. There was doa selamat and marhaban ritual. I only manage to go inside Dina's house after the marhaban finished. And I was greeted with a big picture of Aydan at the door!

The cradle was beautifully decorated! They choose baby blue and white as the theme, it was so sweet. I was totally stunned by it. Dina said Aydan was awake during Marhaban but did not cry at all! I guess Aydan just know how to behave when people are around. Now, to the photos~

Gorgeous cradle

Beautiful desert section!

My first time trying the macarons :DD

Can't stop eating the marshmallow!

Cutie Zabi Aydan!

Azza, Dina, Ju-Are & me~

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Dina and hubby did great to fulfill responsibility as Aydan's parent. Hope that Aydan will be blessed forever and is surrounded by people who love him always, Amin.


  1. yes! i love zabi aydan too! lepas ni kita kita kena biasakan diri dengan kenduri qeqah pulak ni..hehe

    and zabi aydan memang cheeky gile!

  2. MasyaAllah Ina, what a beautiful post and pictures! especially pic aydan with aunty ajue nya... comel sgt2... ajue, u'd b a perfect mommy.. aku doakan ko cpt2 menimang cahaya mata... insyaAllah =) thanks girls... means a lot to me u guys came =) love love love!

  3. @ju-are: yup, yup, since ramai yang akan kahwin this month and next year, we can expect to be invited kan? kan? kekekek. aku teringin nak cukur jambul baby la pulak~

    @dina: ah, okay ke picture? i didn't do much justice to the cradle pic. but gambar terlalu malap and there's another one terlalu terang. so, yup, excessive editing is the solution, though tak berapa nampak kesweetan warnanya~ weih, doakan aku gak!!!! nak menimang husband! kekekek. anyway, thanks for inviting us Dina~ looking forward to outing with aydan~

  4. eh ina... pictures are awesome lah! xpe nanti aku post official photos hehe.. ntah bila.. aww... of course aku akan invite... ke semua majlis2 special ku... and yes, we shall plan outing with aydan soon k!