Sunday, January 29, 2012

In The Night Sky: Woodstock Fashion

Ever since I watch After School’s In the Night Sky music video, I’ve been into these Woodstock era clothes. They really have cool fashion and good tunes back then, though their life style is freaking me out - taking heavy amounts of drugs, getting half naked, and jamming to some of the most amazing music all day long. Now, I never intent to adopt the hippie lifestyle, but I did appreciate the hippie inspired fashions.

They always have on tie-dye t-shirt, frayed jeans, fringed leather vest, feathered or bead hair accessory. Today, this style is back with some modern hippiefied touch. What I like about it is how it looks ‘unkempt’ yet so stylish.

Last year runaway collection~

Emilio Pucci 2011 Collection

Roberto Cavalli 2011 Collection

Some celebrity with Woodstock inspired style.

I should get this fringed top first eh? Or leather fringed bag?

Or this biker-chic vest?

Or some tied-dye shirt~

And need to buy lotsa accessories too~

Ah, I really thought this style suit me at the moment, cause now that I've put on weight, loose fitting clothes are my only solution~ kekekekek. Lagipun, bagus untuk muslimah, bukan? :DDD Now, the question is, can I pull this kind of look? How do I adopt it into my wardrobe without making a  fashion disaster? I hope our hijabies fashionista will try this look soon so I can have some inspiration~

p/s: Hey, anyone care to tell me the difference between boho, hippies and gypsy? I'm kind of confused~ :DD

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