Saturday, February 25, 2012

Family Day

When I first heard about the Family Day plan, I thought it was gonna be a long weekend for me. You know, spending your precious weekend in an agro farm resort with the elders, in a dormitory with double decker bed and one bathroom, away from internet and laptop, try to get to know your second cousins better – that sort of stuff. But what I thought would be a not-so-great weekend turned out to be a really great one. And I was so proud to tell you guys that we had a Family Day last week!!!

This precious event was held at Syamille Agro Farm Resort, Perak, which is an awesome place for gathering.  The place is surrounded by fruit trees, and there was a big rustic villa in the center, Japanese bridges to cross to the goats’ farm with shallow streams running through, mini zoo where they keep mouse deer and porcupines under one roof - it was like I was stepping into a real Farm Ville ready to harvest everything!

We had activities like telematches, BBQ session, birthday celebration, tahlil and solat hajat, tazkirah subuh, heart-to-heart session (where everyone got teary~), visiting the farm, mandi sungai, bla bla bla~

Borak-borak session

Morning exercise~

Petai team

Pick up guli with chopsticks

Guli counting~

The referees; Tok Chor and Nadia

Mum with her amazing drawing.
Anyone can guess what it is?

Kuliah Subuh

Cutie goatie!

Visiting the goats' farm~

The resort room, RM250 per nite?
(but we're staying at the dorm, too bad!)
Ah, I think I want to make a confession :DDD For game, we were divided into groups and I was in Petai team. And during ice breaking, we played lukisan karat (which you had to stay in line and they give you a clue for you need to draw, and the next person have to draw what he/she saw and continue on, and the last person have to guess what the clue was). See, we have Irfan age 5, the youngest participant of all in our group.  Irfan can’t really draw, so we had to put him as the last person to guess our drawing and I was the one who was responsible to make sure that Irfan can guess it right (pressure!!)

I didn’t mean to cheat but it happened so fast. We were standing in line and I turned around just to see what was going on and accidentally look at Amirul, who was the very first person to draw and he already got the clue. He suddenly mouth me what the clue was when no one was looking, which I didn’t really get it at first. I was like, ‘Did he just give me the clue? What was it? Arab?’ and since we knew the theme was animal, I thought to myself, ‘Are we going to draw a camel?’ But they asked me to turn around and I waited nervously (seems like having a clue makes me even more nervous. Or was it because we’re cheating? Kekekekek.) When Syuhada show me her drawing, I swear it looks like a mouse with elephant ears more than a camel. It got me thinking if the clue was really Arab. Then it clicked, ‘Oh, Arnab!’ (see, I don't mean to cheat but it was really hard to not to, okay?) and because we were given only 10 seconds to draw, I was panicked,so  I drew exactly like Syuhada's but make the ears longer. And when I showed my drawing to Irfan, he made a face (what the hell is this?) but then he said, ‘Arnab?’ And we were the only team that got it right. Hooray!

(Of course they asked us to show our drawings and questioning how on earth did my animal have a rabbit ears when Syuhada’s clearly had an elephant's, kekekek. But they were more interested at how genius Irfan was, so we survived.)

But we lose the second round though (yeah, yeah, what goes around comes around). We were asked to draw a pineapple but somehow it turned into a banana in the end. I have to share this with you guys because it was too funny~

Although it was only for a short period of time,  I think I did get closer to some of my second cousins. I experienced moments of bliss especially during the telematch, watching my mum and my dad playing the games carelessly like they were 10. It's something that I can't buy anywhere else. So I am really grateful to this event and most of all, I am thankful to be part of this family.  And I hope that we are able to continuously make more beautiful memories together~


  1. woi, bestnye game! kekekek...mesti kelakar kot, how come nenas boleh jadi bananana?

    lepas ni kalau sesapa mintak jadi ajk game, aku tunding jari pada kau! kekekekeke

    1. but but.... bukan aku yang reka game~ aku main je~ kan je dah fate, ko la ajak game forever~ :DDD

  2. ina aku pun pnh main game lukis2 ni time p holiday ngan family aku aku kat sungkai itu hari.. klaka

    1. kan??!! seronok main game ni! and very suitable for all ages. dan yang paling penting tak perlu banyak persediaan, mudah kerja ajk game, lol.

  3. Syoknyer! Nanti aku nak suggest family aku wat family gathering cenggini gak ah! ^o^

    1. remember when aku complain/mengeluh taknak pergi mula2 tu? aku tarik balik semua apa aku cakap, okay? heheh. memang best ^__^