Saturday, January 22, 2011

Excuse Me, Where Did You Buy This Shawl?

Prior to Jesmin announcement that OBB will be at Chic Pop, I dragged my sister to go there in hope to grab something OBB.

But once we were there, I lost my focus as I was distracted by so many cute vintage clothes. There were so many people too! It was my second time went to a bazaar and I was panic because all I have was a hundred bucks when I practically want to buy everything.  When I saw some pretty clothes, I thought that I should hold it cause maybe there was more fancy clothes on the next shop, so I should look and mark down what I want to buy the first round and comeback later.

That’s not how it works, you little…! Whatever catches your eyes, you should buy that first because other people will grab that and leave you nothing! So take note that if you ever want to go to a bazaar, you need to be quick and you must have the ability to scan around in the speed of light! (And yeah, that was me over-reacting: D) But seriously, I miss a few worth-to-buy clothes T___T I almost snatch a dress from a girl because I want it so badly, I pray so hard that she would put it back but she went to the casher counter instead! Arrghhh! And I also want to buy a pre-loved booties but it wasn’t my size, humph….. So you see, you need a luck too. At the end of the day, I just bought a cute blue stripes lacey jacket to console myself.

Anyway, what makes me happy was that I recognized a few bloggers that I know like Shea, Ami and Cik Epal (I think that’s her). I should have said hi but I dunno how~ I wasn’t that friendly even though I want myself to, kekekek. I got nervous without reason and I felt silly of myself. Anyway, they all look prettier in person. And there were a lot of fashionable people around with colorful shawl (I wonder where they get all those from). I found myself spending time envying  watching them more than I look for clothes, hehe.

Of course, Sammy went too. Here are a few shots that we managed to snap.

See that pretty lady with brown flare pants? I’m in love with what she’s wearing. 
To anyone who know her, can you pretty please link me her blog 
so I can stalk get to know her? Thank you XD

It was tiring but it was fun too. Hope will be able to go the next bazaar sale. I’ll be a smarter shopper next time! 


  1. follow u darling! suka singgah sini..baru lg ea?

  2. hi tinee *waves excitedly~*

    yup, baru lagi. singgah la selalu ya :D