Thursday, January 6, 2011

Karma Is A Boomerang

Seriously guys, how do we get rid of fleas on a carpet?

I remember complaining to my mum that our new house have lots of mosquito. I kept on having more than 10 mosquito’s bite all over my leg. I used mosquito repellent but they won’t go away. They still bite me and it’s so irritating, I could punch someone for that. My mum said it was funny because she don’t get a single bite. How unfair!

Then last night as I was texting my friend, I sat on my bed, both feet on my fluffy carpet, I started to feel itchy again. So I looked down to my feet and saw these little creatures were jumping happily from the carpet onto my feet. They were many!

I think they’re from my cats but this fleas are smaller compared to the one on cat. The funny thing is, when I first bought the carpet, my cats won’t step on it as if the carpet will hurt them. They never come close to the carpet, no matter what. If I purposely bring them to the carpet, they will cling to me for dear life - will even scratch me if they have to. I thought it was funny how they trying too much to avoid the carpet, I should really put them on video (it must be karma for treating them that way~). Now I know the reason for their weird behavior and it scares me as much as it amused me.

So I vacuumed my carpet but the damn thing was still there. Should I throw away the carpet? But it’s so fluffy and pretty and awesome and fluffy and it makes my room look so pretty and comfy.  Bottom line, I don’t want to throw it away, okay? Should I spray something, like my cat’s flea shampoo? Will it ruin the material? Or should I send the carpet to laundry service? Will that makes them go away? Should I throw my cats instead? Lol. I cannot live without them. End of story.

I'll find a way to deal with this. If you guys have any idea how to get rid of this thing, let me know okay? 

p/s: Should use this opportunity to introduce my cats :D.

Everyone, say hi to the lovely and motherly Keket aka Mama.

And this is arrogant-stuck up April (pronounce Air-Pill) aka Adik.

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  1. so chomeeeels!

    anyway, if its flea then big problem lah babe..
    kena panggil orang untuk bersihkan ni!

    sorry babe, macam tak membantu..:P