Monday, January 17, 2011

Dude, that was so not cool!

Someone promised me to take me out last Sunday, but the plan was cancelled last minute (erghh, boleh baran bila ingat balik, grr…) but being me who will not let some stupid mood ruined my Sunday, I decided to take my sister to watch movie~

But actually the original plan was going to Jalan TAR to look for lace and waist-band for our home-made skirt, and then drop by BREM mall for movie. But it was raining (luckily not so heavy) when we reached Sogo, so we decided to just window-shopping. I found a cute organizer so I was glad! Then, after an hour wondering around, we were too tired to walk to the textile shops so we just ditch the lace and waist-band plan and just went straight out to BREM mall.

We watched Khurafat because we’re suckers for horror movie. It was an okay movie with good-but not-so-detail plot. There were still a few things that doesn't make sense but at least my prediction went slightly wrong and the ending kind of shocked me. As for the cast, I’m not very fond of Syamsul’s acting. He’s good looking alright, but there was something off with the way he delivered his dialogue. I dunno, it was monotone. And I still think that Liyana Jasmay wasn’t ready for a wife role just yet. She looked fifteen years old to me! And perhaps her role in Niyang Rapik is too strong that I’m having a goosebump every time she appeared on screen, haha. As for the ghost scene, it was hella scary. I closed my eye most of the time. I almost didn’t know what happen in the corpse room because I closed my eyes the ENTIRE time, kekekek.

And I have to complain that the male audiences at the back were too loud. They laughed every time the ghost came out. Can you imagine how many times they did that? It was a scary movie, do the math. It was really disturbing. I had the same experience when I watch Niyang Rapik but it wasn’t this bad. Why do they need to do that? Trying to be cool in front of girlfriend? Dude, it’s not cool, okay? Go rent DVD if you gonna act like that. Sekian terima kasih.


  1. love your looks! polka dot scarf - nice... :)

  2. loving all that gray on you!
    my fav color next to nude now :)