Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Trip to Pengkalan Balak

We already have our first vacation for this year and it was a 2 days and one night trip to Pengkalan Balak, Malacca!

So the original plan was to spend a night at Seremban (at one of my aunt’s house) on Friday night and convoying to Malacca on the Saturday morning, breakfast at the R&R, should be reaching there before 11, a quick check in so the kids (that including me XD) can go straight to the beach, barbeque and karaoke session at night, and the next morning would be a sukaneka, then we could have a photography session at the beach, lunch before check out, maybe pay a visit to Malacca town before heading back to Kuala Lumpur. Sounds like a pleasant trip right? :D

Though I didn’t pack my bag until the last minute, I already have a thought of what to bring, so packing went smooth. And excitedly, we left home around 9pm.

 But kita merancang, Allah yang menentukan….

Our car broke down at Jalan Mahameru. Took more than an hour for AAM to come only to tell us that we need to take the car to a workshop. So we ditched Seremban plan and just head to Kg Pandan to another aunt’s house since it was the nearest at exactly 12am. Only then I know that I didn’t bring my sleeping pants T__T  Thank god mum did brought extra sweat pants so I’m safe from a pants-less night, kekekek~

It was just a minor problem; dad came back from workshop around 11am. We reached Seremban at 12.30 and still have to wait for the rest of the convoy team, so we decided to lunch and have a walk at Teluk Kemang beach. Nothing much to see cause the beach was short, we did everything we could to keep ourselves entertained by taking ridiculous pictures.

Lol, mum was so cooperative~

We only made a move around 2pm and it was raining lightly when we reach our chalet. It was a small room with a queen and single bed. There was a verandah connecting every 3 units and my younger cousins and niece were having a total fun climbing the divider from one verandah to another. The room was so clean and tidy and I’m honestly happy with it. The only thing I’m not pleased was that our room have only air conditioner - there was a fan but it was broken. There was no remote to control the temperature either! Imagine me being in an air-conditioned room on a raining day – that gives me a slight headache.  I was having a terrible flu that night. I was sneezing non-stop and was having trouble sleeping!

Help grilling the chickens (nampak sangat berlakon kan? :D)

And the rain kept on pouring for the next 24 hours and it ruined the remaining plan. We still have the barbeque and karaoke session that night despite the rain. But apart from that, we couldn’t do anything but to stay in the room. Luckily Mieyra bought the play-card when we’re at Teluk Kemang, so I learned how to play Cho Tai Tee. Kind of addicted to this game because I’m so good at it. I should be in a tournament or something, muahaha~ But that’s all we ever do. Some of my cousins went to the beach that morning, even though it was raining. They even had a banana boat ride! I wished I could put my nose somewhere safe and went for a ride too. Then balik baru pasang balik, can ah? :D

It was raining when we had our lunch on Sunday. It was still raining when we check out from the chalet. Still raining when we leave Malacca, still raining when we reach KL T_T I'm so glad that I'm wearing a multi-layered clothes - keeps me warm throughout the journey.  

Anyway, how did you guys spend your rainy weekend? Seems like I’m gonna be spending my holiday with indoor activities. Whatever you do guys, please take care of yourself. Drink lots of water and take vitamin C! >> More like advices for myself, hehe.

And oh! Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. i can imagine you having flu pagi pagi morning..:P

    anyway, rainy day aku dok rumah je! see you on friday!