Friday, November 23, 2012

Shake Your Bom-Bom

Hey everyone! Meet my new little kitten, Bommie! What? I like that name! It sounds cute! Try to pronounce it out loud. Come on try it! Cute, isn’t it?

My mum bought her for my birthday present. I guess because I kept on telling her how my life would be complete if I get a mono color grey cat almost every day. She’s a cross-breed of British Short Hair and local cat. I almost named her Tiffany because my mum and dad opposed so much on my idea to name her Bommie. Well, they still call her with different name but she respond extra well with Bommie. She’s so clever!

My other cat, Keket and April were so furious when we first brought Bommie home. Maybe they feel  insecure that my attention will be on Bommie (if only I could make them understand that my love for them will never change). Well, April still hates her, but I see Keket becoming friendlier nowadays. She stopped hissing whenever Bommie comes anywhere near her and she wouldn’t mind sharing my bed with Bommie now. Sometimes they even play the Flying Mouse together. I just hope one day I’ll get to see Keket licking Bommie like her own daughter because that’s how affectionate Keket was, well once upon a time. I’ll give her more time and share the great news with you guys if that day ever come :P

She’s been with me for two weeks now. She spends more time exploring our house more than she sleep.   Apart from her being affectionate with her own tail and human feet, Bommie haven’t given me any hard time yet. She plays iPad so well and if she was born as human, she’ll be a threat to van Persie because she plays ball so well. Now, I trained her to type on laptop so that she can update this blog for me when I’m too lazy busy :DD

Till the next update, take care~


  1. gambar last bommie sangat diva..

    and the girlish pun babe! haha!

    and kerem salam pada bommie ye.. see u tomorrow..

    *oh yeah, besok aku pi rumah hang, boleh lah tengok bommie sekali kan? hehe

    1. tak girlish ke? hehe, too late to change now that she knows her name is bommie. ko boleh datang bile2 masa je kalau nak tengok bommie~

  2. Bommie! At last, dapat gak kucing kaler kelabu.. Dah lama kot ko duk mengiyau nak kucing kaler kelabu ni.. Cute giler.. Okay, aku jeles! Hehe..

    1. yup, at last! punyalah mengidam, itu pon tak dapat jantan, but it's okay. ko kat ipoh bela kucing tak? teringat masa ko still kat sini, selalu belanja kucing makan ikan :DDD