Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sea, Sand & Sun

Another family gathering was being held at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson on 8th November 2012. We stay at a bungalow near Bougainvillea Resort and the beach was just a walking distance away. Traffic was quite bad so we reached there quite late and only went to the beach the next morning.

I do not have any intention to get wet at first. I just wanted to sit peacefully by the beach and took some photos. But my cousins and nephews wanted to try a banana boat ride. I was reluctant at first because I’ve been on the ride too many times before. And I think I’m too old for this kind of thing. But of course me against six of them, who am I kidding?

Self-expression session :P

As soon as I got onto the banana, I get excited, haha. I purposely avoid taking the front sitting because being in the most front; you have a high chance to get high blood pressure - with all the water spalsh that gets into your mouth :DD 

The speed boat driver told us to let go of the grip and the rest of us was like, ‘Tak mau! Tak mau!’ And no matter how strong you tried to hold on to the boat, you’ll end up getting thrown in the water.  And then we had to get back on the boat and it was the hardest thing to do. Not because I do not have enough strength to pull myself up on the boat, and I refuse to believe that it was because of my weight but because I was laughing too much! We were thrown again near the shore and had to swim back to the beach.

Had too much fun - a good swim and playing water polo in the swimming pool, awesome barbeque, exciting banana boat ride. And most importantly, me spending times with beloved cousins and nephew!  

p/s: We just couldn't resist to do the Gagnam style pose (no matter how much I hate that song) :DDD


  1. Best giler.. Aku tak pernah naik banana boat.. Dah try naik bot yang terbang2 tu ? Apa nama ntah bot tu.. Haha!

    1. Aku pon tak tau panggil ape, tapi aku tak try naik bot terbang tu hari tu. Takde duit, kekekek. Nanti bila2 ko pergi pantai, silalah try naik banana boat. mungkin ko suka, mungkin tidak hehe.

  2. pd looks nice! ramai orang tak? last time aku pergi salah tempat, end up sangat ramai dan penuh dengan payung... huhuu.. tapi still tak serik dan ingin pergi lagi. teluk kemang which area babe?

    1. tak ramai sebab pantai ni tersorok skit. and maybe we went in the morning, orang semua tidur lagi, heh. I'm not sure which area but somewhere in between near angkasa apartment and tiara beach resort? and yes, we will never serik when it comes to pantai (budget previous life aku was a beach babe la haha)