Saturday, November 3, 2012

October's Love!

Seems like I haven’t update this blog for ages! Well, not that it was anything new :P

October has always been my favorite month of the year. It has been incredibly hectic month for me and many fabulous things happen in between. I have lots to share today with y’all today. So, this gonna be yet another choppy entry of the things that I’ve done in these last few weeks. 

Let's kick this post off with another fun field trip I had at the beginning of the month!

It was the last field trip for this year and we spend exactly a week in Sipitang, Sabah. And because this will be the last time here (since there were almost no malaria case found during our ACD previously) we went to the farthest camps we could. Most of the journey took us around one and half or two hours but Camp Basio took us more than 3 hours to reach there! Thanks God the camps are well build and very clean, so no problem with the toilet at all haha!  

Oh, just let me share a few photos from the trip!

Cooking curry Maggi. We couldn't resist having a slurp even just after having Nasi Goreng Kampung :DDD

Surrounding by the thick fog up the hill.
Hot curry Maggi + full stomach + cool breeze = happiness.

And of course, it was my birthday month! Yes, totally the main reason why I love October XD.

It might not be the best one, nevertheless still a great one for me. This year, I didn’t expect to get a surprise birthday cake from my officemates. Either I’m a total idiot or my officemates learn how to moves like ninja because I was completely clueless they were planning something on! It was just a small celebration with just a few peoples in our department (half of department were going to Port Dickson for a seminar on that day) but it still makes me VERY happy. I'm not the expressive type so they probably wouldn't know how happy I was at that time. Honestly, I almost cry because I was so touched. But it would be so embarrassing if I really cry, so I had to force myself to keep calm, hehe. In my mind, I was already jumping up and down when I see the cake and do the Gangnam style dance when they sing me Happy Birthday, haha. Oh, how I love thee!

And it has become a tradition to have family dinner to celebrate birthday - no matter how late, heh. So this year, me having my birthday dinner at MeatWorks, Solaris. Incredibly happy!

And last but not least, we were celebrating Aidiladha in Kelantan this year. One of my uncle live in Kota Bharu, so we’ve decided to spend a few days there.

And that's all for now. I hope you all had a great October too! Till then, bye~


  1. Oiii! Lama siot tak update blog.. Rindu dowh nak baca kat blog nih.. Wah! Cam best jer last field trip korang ni.. Jeles aku weyh.. Aku suka last pic tu.. Very the classsic! I loikeeeee.. Btw, sori tak dapat nak join celebrate ur bd.. Huhu... I wish everythings great waiting for u in the future.. Insha Allah.. Have a great November! Miss u olls at IMR! T_T

    1. Mieza, we all pun miss you tau! Thanks for drop a comment. Happy to hear there's someone rindu my blog, kekekek. The field trip was fun but not as fun as time ade ko dulu. Ade ko lagi havoc kot, hehe. Bile turun KL? Come a visit us la!

  2. azrina!! seronoknya fied trip ko.. next time pergi bawak aku boleh?? hehehe.. those pictures are gorgeous as usual. and you too! lama tak jumpa ko. seperti makin jelita.. ;) see you on azmilia's wedding this weekend.. :D

    1. haha, i miss you la babe. lama dah tak ronggeng rokiah. yup, see you at mia's wedding~