Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back And Forth Part 2

First of all, would love to wish Salam Maal Hijrah to all my fellow muslim. Hope you have a blessing year ahead.

And a continuation of my earlier post... the fun part of the trips :DDDDDD

Normally, we spend the last day going to interesting places after we already pack everything. For the first trip, we went to Ranau Poring Hot Spring to experience their canopy walk. Remember this entry when me and my friends went to FRIM for their canopy walk but they were under construction? So I was truly happy that I be able to walk the canopy here! Though it was really tiring to climb those little-uneven steps to reach the top (where the canopy walk start). My knees were really shaking! Maybe it was sign of old age because I haven’t exercise for a while (I made a mental note to start exercise when I get back but it has been what, almost a week and I haven’t even step on that treadmill).

RIP my  Kungfu shoes~ You have been good to me all these while T_T

On the way back, we drop by at this place (somewhere in Kundasang) where we can see the Kinabalu mountain.

Mount Kinabalu

For the second trip, we decided to spend the last day in the city. So we went to One Borneo, the biggest shopping mall in Kota Kinabalu to play bowling. Although the scoring system were giving us some headache at first, the game was really enjoyable. I can say that I have improved? I have at least one strike in each game. And… I used to only use the 8 and 9 kg balls but now I can bowl with the 10 kg ball, lol. 

And now is my favorite random shots throughout the trips, which I have shamelessly edit using these cool apps on my iPad.

This shot was actually taken by En Rahim
using my camera :D

It's raining at the other side~

God never promise us a good life on earth; 
but He gave the assurance that there will
always be a rainbow after the rain 
- Maple

Kids are adorable :DD

New shoes bought at Pesta Jagung.

Well, pretty much that's all I have to share. See you on the next post~


  1. waaaaaa!! bestnyee fieldtrip macam ni..nak keje macam ko boleeeeh? and those pictures are super gorgeous! cadagan aku lagi, publish buku bergmbar masyarakat sbah pulak.. aku sanggup beli! kekekeke....

  2. Banyak betul cadangan ko~ I like!

    Kan best kalau ko keje setempat ngan aku. Bleh gi jalan sama2 :DDDD