Monday, November 28, 2011

Put Your Hands Up!

I’m not a ‘hottest’ to begin with, so when I purchased 2PM’s concert tickets for me and Linda, I almost couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been into K-pop since school – which was 10 years ago – but have never been to any of their concert or fans meeting.  I bought the cheapest one (cheapest also not so cheap) just to have ‘experience’ cause I quite dislike the idea of being around extreme fans who constantly screaming their lung out throughout the concert (evident from countless of fancams on youtube). Moreover, they are not my favorite kpop band.

L to R: Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Nickhun, Junsu, Junho and Changsung.

So it was a free seating, so fans were running/rushing to get the seat with best view. Brought Sammy with me but the security said I couldn’t bring him inside and asked me to go to the lost and found counter. They told me to leave the battery, which really upset me, because now I only have my BB. Anyway, when we got ourselves into the concert area, it was almost fully occupied except for area at the far left of the stage. It was closer to the extended stage but the view to the center stage was restricted. And since most of their performance with full choreograph was done at the center, I can only see them on the big screen.

View from my seat.

Now please excuse my excessive of unnecessary squealing from this point onwards. Here is the list of the songs they performed that night and what I can remember the most.
  1. Hot - A great opening song, straight away set the stage on fire. I always thought that this song has  a bit of Big Bang's flavor to it but they really do rock it.
  2. Electricity
  3. Hands Up – Gosh, this performance was amazing! The most happening stage because of the simple repetitive movement in the choreography that everyone can simply follow and makes the performance so enjoyable.
  4. Noyege Michossoda/Kidaridaga (Remix) - I am super duper happy that they perform Noyege Michossoda since they never perform this songs before.
  5. Junho and Wooyoung stage
  6. I Can’t - A nice ballad song for a change. They sat on the chair while performing this. Since they all have change into semi casual clothes except for Junho and Wooyoung, the two boys decided to change on stage. Ohoho, I cannot! 
  7. Give It To Me
  8. Dance2Night - My least favorite stage. Simply because they were dancing with girls in inappropriate way. Humphhh!
  9. Ment - They say their greeting here, thank God that Nickhun and Taec can speak fluent English so we can understand most of what was happening. Surprisingly, Junsu can speak English very well too. There was some funny moment of Changsung vs Junho speaking English, randomly throwing each other a ‘What? Where? Why?’ questions. While waiting for Nickhun and Taec to change for their stage, Junsu asked Wooyong to show his free-style dance)
  10. My Valentine (Nickhun and Taecyeon stage)
  11. Changsung solo stage - He did an action skit. Reminds me so much of Rain's Ninja Assassin.
  12. I’ll Be Back - Kick ass song!
  13. I Hate You
  14. Back To You
  15. Junsu solo stage – He sang Alive! This is my first time watching him perform this song and he was doing all the rap by himself. Awesome Junsu!
  16. Without You
  17. Only You – They gave away flowers during this performance. I wished that I can be at the rock pit to receive those.
  18. 10 Points Out of 10 – Another happening performance! During the chorus, everyone would hold up their hands up as if were participated in the performance. Also, Taec give Nickhun's ass a full stroke here, kekekek.
  19. Ment – They announced that this will be their last stage for the night. They took turn to say their last word and Junho tried some Malay ‘Saya akan balik lagi’ (I’ll be back again) and he sounded like Chinese speaking Malay! So adorable.
  20. Again and Again
  21. I’m Your Man - Glad that they even perform their japanese single here!
  22. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop - Kick ass song!
  23. Heartbeat - Full choreography with the piramid formation. Awesome. 
  24. Thank You - I was overflowing with emotion. I'm just glad that they didn't cry.
  25. Encore (Hands Up/10 Points Out of 10) – the most fun part of the show because they started to play and do fan service. Nickhun even took the fans’ camera and help them snap photo of him! And last but not least, Changsung walked on the stage half naked!
They sang most of the song they had performed in music shows except for Give Me The Light. Too bad they didn't perform Maja since I really like that song. 

Fans hold up the light stick throughout the concert; a beautiful sight.

They always said that there was a different between younger fans and noona (older) fans. Younger fan always the expressive one, screaming like there’s no tomorrow when they saw their idol, noona fan just watch from afar, calmed and composed. And since I’m a noona to almost every K-pop band exist now, I have to say I pretty much agree with the statement (yes, yes, easy for me to say this since I only see them on my laptop screen). BUT! Seeing them upfront is different! I suddenly got very excited! Every time they came to our side of the stage, I practically going crazy and screaming their names and doing the heart sign and waving like mad. Urghhh, screw the noona title! Oppa, saranghae!


Nickhun! Khun's family attended the concert too.
Lucky fans took picture with them.

Since I haven’t decided my favorite member yet (though I have this thing for Junsu and Nickhun), so I told Linda before the concert started, that whoever come to our side of the stage the most will be my fave and I will ship him forever~ So guess who came the most? At first Junho came a lot to our side but in the end, it was Junsu who came the most! Are we destined to be together or sumthing? :DDDDD

Kim Junsu a.k.a Jun K

So the big question is, have I turned into a Hottest after the concert? Ah, almost :PPP I'll monitor them closely after this. Right, now I should leave you guys with  fancams of my fave performance of that night. Enjoy~

p/s: Hottest is the name of 2PM's fanclub. 

Vid Credit: OplusT@youtube
Pic Credit: Linda; Evertything2pm


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