Monday, April 18, 2011

A Special Kind Of Something

So we’ve been planning Azza’s bridal shower party for weeks! And I was so glad that everything went well despite the bad weather, thank god!  Hosted at the Fullhouse @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng on the Saturday, only 9 peoples could make it. But still! It was fun as expected because reunion with Smaklian had never been boring.

It was raining so heavily that morning and we were kind of worried because we have booked the outdoor area. Since we have games and naughty things to do - sure bising giler with all the hilai tawa riang gembira - we really don’t want to disturb other customer. So outdoor is definitely a good choice. Luckily, the rain stopped just before the party begins, so we actually have a natural cool environment while catching up with all the girls.

The bride-to-be had a hard time to find the venue. The poor Azza looked tired when she arrived, but still sporting to finish all the dare missions we have prepared for her. She have completed all the hot poses (too hot to shared it here!) we asked her to and even managed to get a phone number from one of the waiter. I should really learn how to do that from her but according to her, “Skill menggatal ni memang tak boleh dikongsi.” LOL!

We couldn’t play taboo game cause tak sempat and everyone have other thing/place to hit after the party. So we end up the party at 3 pm with group photos and finally, giving Azza her gift. I was the one who choose the gift, so I really really REALLY hope that she’ll like it!

Now photo time!
Arrived @ 11.40 am. Fullhouse open @ 12.00 pm :D
Ju-are kate: Takpe, AJK mesti sampai awal :P

The theme is Red & WHITE. Colorblind that much eh?
With 3 beauties: Adah, Dina and Yatie

With Yatie again!
Azza's excited face XD

p/s: Gosh, I got flashback of our dorm life a few times while we were chatting and it kind of got me space out a lot, lol. I missed these people! If only I could turn back time...


  1. awesome!!and you my dear is one hell of a fashionista!

  2. Hey there,

    Looking good =D
    And your photos look great too, wonder what cam you're using.

    I've tried Fullhouse once before but didnt like the food =(
    Cozy place though =)

  3. @mieyra: you makes my day with your comment!

    @adriani: yanny in the house! woot! i'm using sony nex-3. photo editing done using free software because I don't know how to use photoshop :P

    yup, agree with you on fullhouse. i didn't enjoy the food too much. i wish they have more variety on their menu. yup, nice place to hang with friends~

  4. azrina. kita boleh jadi partner in crime. asal game je kita asal kita je game. aku musykil di situ..

    anyway, great shots, great party. nanti camho lagi kat wedding azza. yippie!

  5. @ju-are: lepas ni kalau kita ajk games lagi kita charges sebab dah kira berpengalaman, kekekek. anyway, thanks to you and everyone who had a hand on my camera, banyak awesome shot.

  6. really like the blazer you have on!