Sunday, April 10, 2011

Goody Two-Shoes

Yesterday, I went to 2011 Shoes Festival @ PWTC with Linda~

As I was determined to get myself at least two pair of shoes, it ends up quite disappointing for me. I don’t know, never been to the first one but I expect to see all kind of shoes cause well, it was a shoes festival. But I must say that those shoes collections on blog offers way better choices and prices compared to what I see here. Of course there were a 50 up to 70% sales for those high branded shoes but the design was outdated and the condition of the shoes was pretty bad, it’s not even worth it. Lucky that they have this shoes history exhibition, at least I can educate myself~

Ancient shoes

In front of the fashion shoes runaway

Mirror, yay!

Beaded nyonya shoes made of chocolate, yummy!

Happy face cos duit tak habis~
We decided to have  lunch at Mid Valley cause I haven't been there in ages. We had a Korean food at Ko Hyang stall @ The Garden. So that was where the shoes festival turns into the food festival. Our small table was full with foods! 

Been there twice before and I ordered Ojinguh Bokkeum (stir fried squid in spicy sauce) again because I love the taste so much. Linda ordered Ramyeon (kind of maggi, like what you often seen in Korean drama) which I think it was quite delicious. I decided that I should try something else too, so we also ordered the pajeon, a pancake with squid and onion spring. It's a popular street food in Korea that serves with the salty sauce on the side. Well, taste exactly like our local cucur bawang :D Out of curiosity, I also tried the Patbingsu, a shaved ice-based dessert loaded with nata de coco and sweet red beans as topping. It turns out not my taste as the red beans are way too sweet for me. 

We had this talk about how much we have gained weight and how we couldn't fit into some jeans anymore and how we should really start to exercise. And having those conversation while eating is so not appropriate, lol. What is worst was that none of us were actually really care and keep on munching like eating THAT much wasn't going to make the matter worst, heh.

Anyway, I think the place seriously needs a bigger space as the customer keeps on coming, waiting at your side for the table. It’s not endearing to eat (or even to chat) when the waiters keep on looking at you with that  can-you-just-finish-that-dish-already-so-I-can-clear-the-table face.

If you’re an adventurous eater, I’ll totally recommend this place for the food but not so much for the place itself. The service is okay and the price is reasonable too. But of course, this is just my opinion :D 

Go try it out!


  1. wow nice and nice! maggi mee yang kawan ko makan tu, macam pernah makan juge, rasa seperti maggi tomyam kot?

  2. apekah sebelum ini aku makan dengan ko kat situ? anyway, nanti kita pergi okay? boleh introduce en azmi to korean food juga~

  3. oh yess... cepat update your blog.