Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Day You Went Away

Last Sunday, I’ve sent my parent to KLIA for umrah.  I know I shouldn’t be worry because they went with Pak Lang and Wan Yang who already been there, but I couldn’t help it. But I’m also grateful that they’ve been giving this chance to perform this minor pilgrimage. I know this will help them a lot before their names are listed for Haji. It was an emotional morning to begin with. I tried so hard not to cry when dad recites the Azan at home. I don't know how to describe the feeling, it's so beautiful. The journey to KLIA is quiet and peaceful. I tried not to think much about how I will survive for these two weeks without seeing them.

Luckily, when we reach there, Pak Ngah’s family was already there. He’s truly a mood maker - always with his jokes and keep everyone happy.  I momentarily forgot that I was about to be apart from mum and dad. Until they were about to enter the departure hall and gosh, I need to skip this part cause I don’t feel like writing up my feeling at that time here. Just know that there were a lot of crying involves, okay? (And my cousin, Iqbal was happily capturing the moment with all those horrible-crying faces >.<)

Fake-crying face :D
With Dad <3
Dad, Pak Ngah and Pak Teh
A bunch of cute peoples!
It's almost impossible to take a good picture with this boy around >.<
With cousins.

So the two weeks of living alone life have started! I missed them terribly. Keket looked depressed. She’s been standing at the stairs waiting for mum because that was what she normally does. I really hope that I can keep myself out of trouble for the time being (though something REALLY big had happen on the way back from KLIA T__T).

I wish that everything went smooth for my parent and pray for their safety. Just can’t wait to have them back in my life again!  I love you mum, dad!

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