Monday, September 16, 2013

To The Land Before Time: Legoland 2013

I remember my mum bought us a basic Lego set when we’re young. And we build our dream kingdom with those tiny little pieces. No instruction needed, just follow my imagination. I remember feeling jealous with my neighbor because he had pirates and spaceship set, which of course, way cooler than mine. But he was so nice, letting me borrow his space man mini figures, which according to my memory, had the coolest outfit of all. We did a play, completed with good and bad characters and the story plot is always so… okay unrealistic, but I always make sure that it has a happy ending. And I remember wishing that I can live in those kingdoms that I built.

Well, dream comes true! Err, sort of. 

Twenty years later, a Legoland was built in our own country, Malaysia! It was opened for public in September 2012 but me and my family just got a chance to visit Legoland first weekend of September! Legoland Malaysia is the sixth Legoland built in the world and the first one in Asia. Like any other theme park, Legoland has a lot of attractions for the whole family to enjoy. For a day, I can literally live up my dream to be in the kingdom of those colorful bricks.

At the entrance.

Getting there was a long story – with the unfamiliar road of Johor and my GPS signal going on and off.  I would say, there was not enough sign board along the road to lead to Legoland . But we managed to arrive at the entrance around 9 am. It was raining lightly on the way but lucky for us, the rain stopped just when we reach the first park. The weather was a little breezy, just perfect for us to walk around.

The Legoland consist of seven different themed areas: The Beginning, LEGO Technic, LEGO Kingdoms, Imagination, LEGO City, Land of Adventure and Miniland. There will be a new park call LEGO Water Park opening very soon. My favorite would be the LEGO Kingdom because I love castle and fairy tales! But Miniland just amazes me! It was just startling how they could build those famous Asian landmarks with exceptional details! Okay, picture time!

The castle in Lego Kingdom

Meet Olie, the green dragon! He was so obedient to his master!

We caught the thief trying to escape the castle!

At Land of Adventure: The Lost Kingdom

Hey, me wearing matching outfit with the camel!

Remember how I couldn't try the rides when I was in Universal Studio Singapore because of the flu? So I was pretty excited to try the rides here, although they were not as scary as those in USS. The first one that I tried was the Project X roller-coaster. According to the staff there, this is the most extreme ride. Which for me (as I am not the extreme ride lover) was bearable but would I like to get on one again? No thanks!  Too fast and it slides down from a super steep height! We also tried two rides in LEGO Kingdom: Dragon Apprentice and The Dragon. The first one is smaller and less scary, so I ride it with my mum. She gave up on The Dragon, which is of course much bigger and higher. The slides are not too steep this time but it did make turns at 45 degree with a few headchopper. Enough to give me the thrill that I need. There was another ride in Aqua Zone but we thought it’s not worth to get wet, so we let it passed.

Project X Roller coaster! My dad did get a shot of us riding this but
you would barely recognize me :DDD
Shooting while riding and trying to get the best score. Pretty fun!

Get ready to get wet!

Oh boy, let me just share with you more pictures of the Lego built because they are just so awesome!


Sultan Abdul Samad Building


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The Great Wall of China

Souvenir is so expensive here, I couldn't afford to buy many of them. So in the end, I bought myself mini-figure keychain for RM19.90. Oh boy, there were a whole lot of characters; it’s really hard to decide on just one. I was spending too much time to choose between Batman (which is classic and famous) or Stormtrooper (who is mysterious and err, not even main character, haha). I took sometimes to check the Lego sets – oh my, it was so expensive back then, even more expensive now – and just realize how much I've been missing. Back in the day, the mini-figures were all round and yellow and with smiling faces, now they come with face-paint and attitudes!

It is obvious that Legoland was meant for kids. All the attractions and facilities were baby-friendly. It's really the best place for family with kids age 4-12. So was it good for me? Well, I'm a kid myself (at heart la) so of course, I enjoy my visit here.Those little details of the Lego built that I can find throughout the park really keeps me entertained. Definitely worth a visit. 


  1. Okay, aku is jeles! Tingin giler kot nak gi sana.. Oley2 utk aku takde ke? Mihmihmih! ;p

    1. Hehe Mieza, next time we go together okay? Ole2 tak mampu ar.... gi awal bulan kene control sket, takut hujung bulan semput.... hehe.

  2. hoi ape ni, orang lain tulis tak teringin nak pergi, kau tulis tetiba teringin nak pergi.. extreme rides banyak tak?

    1. extreme ride yang tak berapa extreme ade la 3 ke 4. memang just seronok bergambar ngan figure-figure lego tu je. pergi bawak budaklah ajue, baru ade alasan nak naik semua ride, teman budak, hehe.

  3. Shall we plan to here? errr... again? hehehe..
    okey.. ko punya blog ni mcm in fluent org nak g eh..
    padahal aku mcm dah.. hmmm.. Legoland? xg pun xpe kot?! hahaha

    1. kalau aku, ko, ajue and yah, pergi mana2 pun best kot. tempat yang tak best pun jadi best sebab spending time with you guys never fail to makes me happy. next year jom! achewah~