Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Eid ul-Fitr 2013!

I hope it’s not too late to wish you all Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf zahir & batin! Are you still in the mood of Raya? Yes? No? Anyway, I’m sure your weekends were already full with open houses invitations!

The most important event during first day of raya for me was the Salam Raya, where we would shake hands with every members of the family and asked them for forgiveness. We never fail to do this every year and we've been practicing it ever since I was little. It was such an emotional time and it never fails to make me cry (and ruined my make up too, hehe).

With Bommie. This was her first Raya!
(Pardon her unhappy face, she really hates it when I get cuddly with her :)

Well, like every other year, we spend the first day of raya in Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur before heading back to Kuala Kangsar in the evening. It was funny how there were more people to give duit raya than people to receive it! Can you imagine how rich they were at the end of the day? Lucky cousins! I am secretly jealous when I caught my younger sister counting her duit raya, haha. 

And this would be the first time I'm revealing my braces. Been wearing it for a month now but my smile still look awkward, heh. Lucky me, I have passed the painful stage now, eating wasn't really a problem anymore. I’m indulging myself with delicious traditional food like lemang and rendang like there’s no tomorrow!

Team Braces vs. No Braces :D

Second day of raya at Kuala Kangsar.

Alhamdulillah, I had a tremendous time this year around despite missing a few of my cousins. I hope they have a great Raya celebration in Australia! And I really do hope that everyone will embrace the spirit of festive season together, no matter what race or religion. Till the next update, enjoy the rest of your raya celebration! 


  1. Weyh, bila ko pasang braces nih? Lama tak jumpa, nampak lain.. Rindu kat ko.. Huhu..

    Btw, selamat ari raye.. Maaf zahir batin.. Memandangkan aku skang dah tak keje, ape kate ko hulur2kan wet raya kat aku.. Hahahha..

    1. aku bagi duit raya kat orang yang datang rumah aku je.... hehe. meh la raya rumah~

      anyway, aku pon rindu gile ngan ko. selamat hari raya to you and hubby. turun KL habaq tau!

  2. It's probably absolutely too late, but happy belated Raya! haha.
    Thanks for popping by my blog :)

  3. first;

    how about you go salam first then apply your make up. best tak cadangan?


    babe, you look super gorgeous okay! i am so jealous sebab kau kurus and i am omg so gemok! haha..

    see you this sunday.. :)

    1. okay aku apply next year cadangan ko itu. thank you. bukan gemok tapi sihat, okay? hehe

  4. aku pun nak ayat tuh.. bukan gemok tapi sihat!! please apply it to me too! hehe