Friday, May 3, 2013

Rocking The Beach: Perhentian Island 2013

Hello friends and strangers! How are you doing? I hope you guys are doing well with life. So this is my first post for this year! Finally!

So, last weekend I was at Perhentian Island with a group of friends.Well, this is my second time to Perhentian, the first time was four years ago. We went there by driving – God, such a long journey. Took us 8 hours because we were kind of lost on our way to find Kuala Besut's jetty.

From Kuala Besut's jetty to Perhentian Besar, it took us around half an hour with speedboat. Funnily, we end up at the same chalet as we did four years back - New Cocohut. As we met up with some familiar faces, I felt comfortable right away. Other than a few new block of chalet, nothing much have change.

Perfect turquoise sea! 

When we reach the chalet, I felt really tired and after a long journey, all I really wanted to do was to take a nap. But as soon as I saw the beach, I got really excited and just couldn't wait to jump into the water. So the first thing we did was tossing our bag into the room and went snorkeling. Yes, right away!

Our package includes two snorkeling time. For the first one, we went to four check points- including the turtle point and shark point. Last time, I only manage to get a glimpse of turtle swimming away from our boat. And since it was my first time going snorkeling, I was already laying down on the boat having seasickness by the time we reached the shark point. But this time I was so lucky! Not only I watched a giant turtle feeding on sea grass, I manage to touch the turtle too! Another memorable moment in my life! And I get to see a few black tip reef sharks swimming around. Coolio! And a way to tackle down seasickness is by avoiding staying on the boat when it stop. Just be the first one to dive in and last one to get back onto the boat!

We thought of going to the Long Beach on Perhentian Kecil to see the sunset, but the Water Taxi is too expensive (err, I was pretty much cash-less). So we decided to stay at chalet and play card game. Lame, I know but at least I save a few bucks. Cheapskate, whatever. Anyway, my sister said Long Beach is most happening beach at night (if you know what I mean) and you can sit and relaxed while enjoy fire show. FIRE SHOW! It sound so cool – I wanna see fire show. Now regret not going T_T

Zurazura's very own rendition of turtle

Water taxi service: One-way price per person.

The next day, we went to snorkeling at Pulau Rawa. The scene here was spectacular because fishes here are bigger and more colorful – different kind from the places we went the day before. Spot a turtle gracefully flying through the open area – it was a magical sight! This would be my favorite snorkeling spot so far. Oh, not to forget, the current here makes it hard to swim. By the time I realized it, I was getting further away from our boat. No matter how hard I flapped my legs, I get nowhere. The beach brother has to pull me to get to the boat – I guess I must have look very pathetic there, heh.

Table corals

Blue spotted stingray

Gigantic turtle! 

Clown fish aka nemo and their anemone

Beautiful green coral

Giant clam or T. gigas is one of the most endangered clam species

Food was amazing here! I'm a hantu for seafood (except fish, I don't eat fish - they smell funny) especially squid. We had mostly seafood on the menu (of course) but they have chicken and beef too. We had Kerapu steam on our first night which, according to my friends, taste amazing! I guess our chalet restaurant must be popular among the guests, so it was always full house during lunch and dinner time. They serve Asian and western meal. Our package includes meals, so all we have to do is sit at the table and the meal will be served. Like a boss!

Man, I love going on beach vacation. It’s a view I can’t get to see in my everyday life - vibrant underwater life, fine white sand beaches, calming sounds of waves, crystal clear sea waters – heaven on earth. I wish I could stay here forever but my wallet doesn't let me. I have to move on. Cash flows like water here, heh.

For those who never went snorkeling, you guys should go and enjoy the breathtaking view of the underwater world. Don’t fret about not knowing how to swim, leave it all to the life jacket! To those who interested to go to Perhentian Island, I highly recommended New Cocohut chalet. Their service is awesome! You can check out the details information on their website here.

Till the next post, annyeong people!

p/s: Thanks Mila and Mia for awesome underwater pics!


  1. nice post ina! gambar cantik rasa nak nangis.. huhuuu.... :)

    1. aku pun rasa nak nangis, sebab nak pergi lagi but duit takde. waa T___T
      anyway, tak sabar nak pergi bercuti ngan ko lagi!

  2. Gambar very the cantek. aku pun nangis sekali.
    Bestnyer kalo dapat pergi honeymoon kat pulau!

    1. Gi la ajak alin tu. cik merah boleh tinggal ngan aku, hehe.

  3. Cantik2 pic ko tangkap weyh.. I am very jelly melly okay.. Btw, lama ko tak update blog.. Been waiting for so long to read ur new blogpost.. Gosh!~

    1. Hehehe, ade jugak orang yang miss nak baca blog aku. Thanks for still jengok blog aku yang bersawang ni. Miss you la babe! Terkilan sangat tak sempat jumpa masa ko kat KL hari tu. Forgive me eh! Next time datang jangan lupa bagitau!

  4. thanxs for the review...cant't wait for my trip to perhentian in June 2013.. u have lots of nice pictures :) how's the drive to k. besut & where do u park?

    1. thank you. the underwater pic is all thanks to our snorkeling guide who's willing to dive in and took those picture for us. the drive to kuala besut is quite confusing for us. not many sign board and waze application sometimes play trick on us :DDD We parked our car near the jetty - there's a lot of car park area and there'll always someone there to lead you to the nearest car park :D

      I bet you're going to enjoy the trip. I wish you a safe journey. let me know when your perhentian trip post is up! thanks for dropping by!

  5. Crystal clear water, so beautiful masya Allah..
    Wish to travel there too, someday InsyaAllah :)

    1. Yes, if you come to Malaysia Annisa, this place is a must visit. It's really gorgeous!

  6. Great post! May I know how much did it cost you for the whole trip? Like an estimation. :) I'm going there soon.

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