Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jakarta-Bandung: The Road Trip

I thought I could post this out before my field trip (yes, just had another one in Sipitang, Sabah for two weeks) but I failed at managing time. Too many things caught up in between, but I finally got the time to post it. So here is my Jakarta-Bandung trip post!

Let’s make it a short one, yeah?

It was an economy trip for 5 days 4 nights to Jakarta-Bandung.  Like everyone else, I went there with one goal: shopping.  I don’t have much budget though but I planned to at least get something for the upcoming raya. And like what my mum has predicted, I’ve exceeded my budget limit. Bought two lovely kaftans for raya, telekong, a few branded casual wear, kain pasang, blablabla. I just cannot help it. If  I wasn't so broke of rupiah, if only I could withdraw a few hundreds more from the atm machine, I wouldn’t have to dream about that Chloe leather bags for a week! Hummph….

As our schedule was packed with shopping, shopping and shopping, it means we have less and less time for places with beautiful scenery or historical value. I love shopping but I love visiting places too but we have such a limited times and shopping is too time consuming and it makes me broke but the goods here are really cheap....

However we managed to go to Tangkuban Parahu - a stratovolcano where we can see the hot springs and boiling mud up close. We met with a kind local people there, who told me briefly about the legend of Sangkurian – a man that fall in love with his mother. I’m a sucker for legend story, so I decided to share it here. There were a few slightly different version of story, but this one is most well-translated. This is how the story goes:

And of course, let me share some pics from the trip.

Mum, dad and me at Tangkuban Parahu

Listening to the history of the stratovolcanoes~

This is my first time watching the hot steam vaporizing from the volcano up close. Quite epic I must say!

The background is the mural of Sangkuriang legend

Too caught up reading the menu

Pangsit Kuah: one of the dishes that you should try.

A visit to Kartika Sari is a must. Bought lots of brownies!

A tut-tut! Me and my room mate went to have a quick tour
near our hotel, 10 minutes before we check out! 

I can say that I pretty much enjoy this trip. Though we spent more time on the road caught in the traffic. It took us almost 5 hours to reach Bandung from Jakarta (our Pak Supir said normally it only took about 3 hours). The traffic was so bad either way but it was better on our way back to Jakarta. And most of all, I will never forget the experience of running away from the sellers! There were just too many of them and they were everywhere and have this kind of fighting-spirit that they won’t stop following you around until you buy something from them. Can't help but feeling pity for them.

And that’s all I have to share. Till the next update, be good!

p/s: I said to make this short but ended up to write quite a long entry. 


  1. saya suka mural tu! ni trip bila ni, before girls day out hari tu ke?

    1. yup! before dating with Aydan. hehe. now should I post the girls day out too?

  2. Wooo! Vacation lagi.. Best siot! Weh, macam kak aya jer sebelah ko pakai baju purple masa tengah order makan tu?

    1. yup, that's kak aya! ni trip imr yang organized~ kak ros pon pergi jugak~

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